There was a time not too long ago when people really understood the phrase “Made in the USA”. In the 90s, as Walmart had extensive growth, it was the backbone of every commercial. Unfortunately, that status is mostly lost for the younger generation.

There are a few exceptions, of course. When I think of tractors, I think Midwest. Cars come from Detroit and quality furniture is made on the east coast. Yes, there are brands and manufacturers that import these goods but when you see “made in the USA” attached to these categories, you know you’re buying quality.

The days of me seeking Swiss modular furniture are long gone. With the dogs having passed and the girls growing up, it’s a great time to invest in our home. The furniture we currently own shows the wear of three dogs, two kids and a few moves – including one cross-country. The carpet in our house isn’t the best either and the walls are a color that needs to be refreshed.

For the past several months, we have been to various furniture stores in search of the perfect piece of furniture to use as a starting point. Designers at more than one store said if we want to redo the room, start with the furniture because flooring and wall colors are easy to coordinate. During this process, I happened to be approached about HGTV’s furniture line.

HGTV Furniture American TV

I made an appointment to meet with a designer at American TV, the local showroom for the HGTV Home Furniture Collection. Upon arrival, I met with Karren and took a tour to check out what they had to offer.

HGTV Showroom American TV  HGTV Bedroom Set

There were varieties and options to meet all kinds of decorative styles but we had already planned to check out the HGTV Jessie Chair. I had received preliminary links and photos in the emails but none of them did the chair justice. It was center stage inside the front door of the American TV store and it was positively lovely!

HGTV Jessie Chair

Karren took some time to hear about our room, our design issues and our plans. While something may have seemed somewhat insignificant, as a designer, she needed to hear it all. How we utilize the space, what our color preferences are, traffic patterns and more. Since our end-goal is to redo the entire room from floor to ceiling, she was interested in anything we cared to share.

HGTV Furniture Design Consult

As I mentioned, we’ve been furniture hunting for months so we’ve always had budget in the back of our minds. There is literally a heap of choices and (typically) what fabric you choose impacts the cost of the item. This is where I hit my first shocker: One price, no matter the grade of fabric. From there, we started discussing the differences in the two fabric books she set in front of us.

HGTV Furniture Fabric Book 2  HGTV Furniture Fabric Book 1

One book is designated base fabrics which are used on main pieces such as sectionals as well as accent pieces like the Jessie Chair. The second represents accent fabrics for use exclusively on accent pieces. There was a mix of simple, timeless patters and colors for the base while the accent book incorporated trendy styles and colors.

HGTV Jessie Chair and Couch

We opted for an accent fabric and when we’re ready to purchase the couch, we’ll focus on the base fabrics that work with the accent we chose. Our choices weren’t over though. They also include a variety of finishes for the chair legs as well as options for the welting. In case you’re like me and just asked “What’s welting?” – it’s the covered cord that you see around the edges of furniture to help strengthen and decorate the seam. Yes, there are even choices for welting. Once again, go with a base fabric or an accent fabric for contrast or to match. We opted for the accent fabric then moved on to select the finish for the legs.

HGTV Furniture Stain Option

There was also the alternative of nail heads (such as brass or nickel) which we noticed on other pieces in the store. Those wouldn’t have looked good with the other options we had selected.

HGTV Furniture Nailhead option

Because we knew we would be purchasing a base fabric couch, we opted to order coordinating pillows. Whether we decide to utilize this in our family room or make it a focal point in a bedroom, matching throw pillows will help tie it all together.

The only other additions we made to our purchase were to add a down-alternative for additional cushioning since this would be in our main living space. For the same reason, we opted to add American TV’s fabric protection option.

When it came time to place the order, Karren literally only took 7 minutes which included us asking a few final questions and her gathering all our important data. She explained that custom orders for most brands take approximately three months to complete and deliver but with the HGTV Home Furniture line, the turnaround is right at four weeks.

HGTV Jessie Chair Order Entry 2

We’re especially excited about ours because representatives for Bassett Furniture, who is licensed to manufacture the HGTV HOME Furniture line, will be following our chair through their manufacturing process and will be sending us photos!

Now… here’s the super-exciting part for YOU! When my chair is delivered, I’ll share my thoughts on it then you’ll have the opportunity to win one of your own. Not necessarily in my fabric, of course!

So sit back and relax while we wait for delivery. Learn about HGTV Home Furniture products on their website. Follow them on Twitter, subscribe on YouTube or take a visual tour through their Pinterest boards. For more information about American TV, visit their webpage or catch up with them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

In the meantime, take a minute to be reminded what “Made in the USA” really means.

16 thoughts on “HGTV Jessie Chair: Heaps of Options

  1. Love that you picked the fabric. A new chair for our bedroom is on our list for that room. We have a chair that used to be in the living room in there now and it is too big for the space!

  2. I was just telling my husband I want a statement chair. His answer, “Where would you put it?” Yea… that… Still. I want one! 🙂 So totally want to win the one you giveaway!!!!

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