If your bed is anything like mine, it’s covered in pillows of all shapes and sizes. Not only do I like having pretty pillows to decorate the bed but I also like having extra pillows when I sleep. DH actually makes fun of me because I insist on sleeping with no less three pillows.

My daughters… they’re the same way. Except while mine are traditional geometric shapes, their stockpile of pillows includes unicorns, ladybugs and penguins. Yes, they have Pillow Pets. Not just one. Multiple. The normal sized ones and the little ones.

Of course, all pillows need to be dressed appropriately, right? Traditional bedding sets contain pillow cases and shams of different shapes and colors to match a bed set. But what about something a little more fun? What about pillow cases for kids’ pillows?

Here are a few ideas to dress your (kids’) pillows for success! Petjamas and Pillowcase Friends

I first discovered PetJamas at the Chicago Toy & Game Fair (ChiTaG). My daughters thought they were the cutest thing. As the name implies, they are pajamas for your pet. Not your pet, pet. Your Pillow Pet. Now, you’re probably asking yourself. WHY does a Pillow Pet need pajamas? My answer, why not? Having toys that are multi-functional is great. Having a pillow that doubles as a stuffed animal means one less thing you have to take with you when you travel. (And if you’re traveling over the holidays, that’s pretty important!) Being able to dress said multi-purpose pillow adds another layer of enjoyment for the child. As a parent, all that runs through my head is “Well, when your child is sick, it’s easier to wash a pillow case (or pillow pajamas) than it is to try to launder the entire pillow.” When I asked my girls their thoughts, Miss M said she didn’t want her pillow pet to be naked and Miss K said her pillow pet needed pajamas “So it could get a good night’s sleep and be comfy.”  With a price tag of under $10, these make a great gift for the pillowy-pet in your family. They include holes where the Velcro straps can feed through as well as a handle for easy carrying! They are great for at home or for on the go!

If you’re not sold on the whole Pillow Pet idea or your child doesn’t have one, you can always dress up a regular pillow with Pillowcase Friends by CompanyKids. The Pillowcase Friend that we received was large enough to accommodate a adult-sized pillow. I put a queen sized pillow in it and had plenty of room to spare. These are a great addition to a playroom to give the kids a chance to relax, read or get comfy while playing their video games. They also make a great addition to a themed-room! With a price tag of around $15, you can’t go wrong.


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  1. I absolutely love these! Pinned and tweeted. Thank you so much for bringing such a masterpiece to our party. I hope to see you tomorrow at 7 pm. We can’t wait to party with you! Lou Lou Girls

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