This is me with my girls. They’re growing up so fast and I just cannot believe it. Through opportunities presented as a result of blogging and social media, I have to say that I’ve been able to really connect with my girls. Sometimes, we play games and go places. This time, we talked.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I embarked on the #KotexMom Ambassador program with Mom Central. My girls are still tween and aren’t quite there yet. I figured I would end up with some great advice on how to broach the subject of puberty, periods and the like. Preparing myself with tools and information for when the time actually came.

What I ended up with was much more.

I discovered that lessons learned while talking about preparing for a first period really translate to preparing for difficulties and changes in life. By opening my mind to the idea of a difficult conversation, I not only prepared my daughters for a change in life but I had let them know that I’m here for them. To talk. Whenever they need to.

And even for when they don’t want to.

I sat down with Miss M this morning and asked her opinion about our conversations. She said she felt prepared and knew what to expect. She said she wasn’t scared about it and was glad she could talk to me. When I asked Miss K the same questions, she said she was a little nervous about wondering when it would start but she felt like she could talk to me. We’ve had some quality outings to the mall and out and about the last few days and I’ve enjoyed being able to sit and talk to them when we had some quiet time.  They were both very excited about the pocket calendars that U by Kotex provided for them to keep track of their cycles – when they start. Until then, they know they can talk to me. And that’s the biggest obstacle many moms face.

As we wrap up this campaign, I want to thank Mom Central and U by Kotex for making this process a whole lot easier. I genuinely hope that other moms will follow my lead and utilize the tools provided by U by Kotex to start the conversation with their daughters.

For more information on U by Kotex, visit their tween website.

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