‘Puzzled’ by Aliens on my iPhone


I love my iPhone…you may recall I have written about HellKid and Rise of the Triad.  I enjoy trying out new games as much as I enjoy asking my friends to try them out so we can compete, and I can WIN. Some of my favorite games are puzzles, such as Words with Friends, reMovem, MazeFinger, and Cubes Lite.  Those range from word games, to colored dots or squares that you double tap to make them disappear.

This past week I have been trying out a new game called Blyx.  It’s a logical puzzle app with pictures of aliens.  First of all I noticed the colors.  They are so bright!  You start off seeing the picture of a cartoon alien with the majority of the squares in color and a few squares in black/white.  At the top of the screen is says how many steps to complete the puzzle.  On the bottom it says how many steps it is actually taking you.

To be honest I was working on Level 3 and the lowest amount of steps it took me was 32.  Now I’m working on Level 1 and I’m currently at 39 steps for the puzzle I’m working on.  In other words, these aren’t simple puzzles… they require quite a bit of thought.  There are 6 Levels and 16 puzzles in each level.  As you complete each puzzle you will have a check mark in that puzzle box so you can see how many you have completed successfully.  It’s a challenge and I love trying to figure out which square controls the one I need to turn to color so I can complete the puzzle.

Want to play it?  See if you can beat my 33 steps on the easier puzzles!  Let me know if you can, I’d love to hear how others do on this game.  Check out the website where you have the opportunity to win a promo code to play it.

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  1. Oh, I remember this! It's the computer-generated version of those little slidy plastic puzzles that you got in Christmas Stockings and Easter baskets as a kid! They were fun, and challenging.

    If I ever do get an iPhone, I may pick this up. Thank you for the review.

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