Fundraiser… boring. iPhone… fun.


HellKid  screenshot 3
One of my favorite things to do when I’m in the car, not driving of course, or lying in bed before I go to sleep is to play different games on my iPhone. I always play at least one game if not a few before falling asleep. It’s a part of my winding down ritual and helps me quiet my mind. The past week I have been trying out a new app called Hellkid. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a great game that is easy to learn and fun to play.The basic strategy in this game involves just tapping your fingers. For a simple jump, you just tap the screen. But when you’re trying to hook and swing across ravines, you tap it once then tap and hold your finger down quickly to grab onto a ledge. I loved that the game only took me a few times of playing to understand. I started playing it when I was bored while I was on break at work and even at a fundraiser I was at last night.

And since I was playing it, my friend Brian tried it, too. He seemed to enjoy playing it even when he kept dying because he wasn’t jumping at the right time across the ravines. We had fun trying to beat each other’s scores.HellKid screenshot 2

I’m definitely going to continue challenging myself and others with this game. I’ve included screenshots that I took on my iPhone to show you the opening screen as well as a part where I was playing. I hope you will try it out as well!

Hopefully, I have you curious enough to try this game out so head over to the App Store and purchase it for $.99 or try to win one on the website.

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