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Until recently, the gym was my second home. I would go at least two times per week for a cardio/strength class and at least one or two times per week to lift weights. When my favorite instructor left, I found myself less motivated and I’m gradually working my way back up to the schedule that made me so happy.

It’s not that I’m a fanatic about the gym. Or that I’m some elite athlete trying to keep in shape. Nope. Complete opposite. I’m overweight… gained weight during fertility treatments, had undiagnosed hypothyroidism then eventually became pregnant. The combo of the three has been difficult to overcome and I’ve yet to lose all that weight. But I go to the gym regularly because it keeps me from sitting all day, gaining more weight.

Or more honestly, I work out because I have a horrible sweet tooth.

And no will power.


There aren’t very many desserts that I would turn down. Cakes, pies, cookies. Some varieties are higher on the list than others but chocolate is my biggest downfall.

I love chocolate. The entry level chocolates – basically, checkout aisle candy bars – are good. But quality chocolates are awesome. Lindt Lindor Truffles, Hershey’s Bliss, Ghiradelli and Dove are among my favorites. I find myself savoring quality chocolates. When I take one, I eat it slowly and enjoy it.

If given the option, I would classify the chocolate and peanut butter combo as a food group of its own. So when Mom Central opened up a Dove Milk Chocolate with Peanut Butter blog tour, I was extremely excited. Delicious Dove chocolates and peanut butter. I’m all for that. I would be lying if I didn’t say that I enjoy Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups but they just leave me feeling unsatisfied. The Dove chocolates are rich and decadent and I was able to savor them.

When the package arrived, we had just returned from a trip to Chicago and had stopped at the Lindt outlet store. We had picked up a small bag of truffles so I thought the bag of Dove Peanut Butter Milk Chocolate Promises was going to be mine to enjoy… you know… by myself.  Unfortunately, I was wrong.  Other family members were eating the Lindt Lindor truffles, but my bag of Dove chocolates kept disappearing also.  It was my own fault because both the girls picked the Dove chocolates when given a choice.  Me?  I mostly ate the Dove ones but had a Lindor every once in a while, too.  Because we all savor quality chocolates, these bags lasted us quite a while!

I didn’t used to think it was worth the extra money to purchase fancy brand chocolates.  I figured they probably tasted about the same but were extra expensive because they carried a fancy brand name.  Coach and first class are on the same plane and get you to the same place at the same time… but the ride, the experience on the way are completely different.  Dove chocolates may cost a little more than a standard candy bar – even ones produced by their parent company, Mars, but they are totally worth it.  The Dove chocolates are smooth and creamy.  When tasted side-by-side with a Reese’s (which we had on hand from the Easter bunny), I immediately noticed the texture.  I expected there would be a difference in the chocolate itself – which there was – but I was surprised that there would be such a dramatic difference in the peanut butter.The peanut butter in the Dove chocolate melted in my mouth.

If you love Dove chocolates as much as I do then become a fan on Facebook. (I certainly am!) You can even follow them as they tweet away on Twitter. Of course, you can also stop by the Dove website for product information, recipes, Dove and wine pairings and more… like hosting a chocolate party.

In case you weren’t aware, Dove Chocolate Discoveries is a direct-selling program for offering chocolate parties in your home. (Like a Tupperware party but it’s Dove chocolate!) If this sounds like a tasty program, you can apply to become a Chocolatier or find one in your area. I would personally love to become a Dove Chocolate Discoveries Chocolatier but I’m afraid I would eat all the profits!

On a side note, Dove used to offer personalized wrappers… You’ll see the link on the Dove page that directs you to My Dove. Unfortunately, the website says they are no longer taking orders. You can still get personalized M&Ms. It’s a shame because I thought the personalized Dove chocolates made very classy favors for weddings. Instead, you can send an e-promise message in a Dove wrapper via email, but calorie-free, guilt-free cyberspace chocolate doesn’t taste as good.  Think I’ll stick with the real deal.  Even if it isn’t a food group of its own.

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  1. Hi Nicole,
    I am a Dove Chocolate Discoveries "Chocolatier"-name is fun on it's own!I went through some of the same things you have and just this year I have finally taken off the baby and pre-baby weight…did I mention my baby is 14 in two weeks? Chocolate is really good for you and I managed to lose weight and start with Dove chocolate parties. I vote don't touch bread

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