Back in 2004, I found out that MMs had started doing personalized MM candies.  There were only a few color options and you could only add words.  I thought it was a neat concept – very new and different from anything else out there.  But for the price, it would have only been worth it for a very special occasion.  When my MM-loving MIL was getting ready to retire, I considered printing some up to send to her retirement party.  But nobody was as excited about it as me so I passed.

In the few years since then, customized MMs have come a long way.  Not only is there a huge palette of 17 to choose from plus you can add words and pictures.  Yup.  Pictures on your MMs.  It’s almost a shame to eat them.  Almost.  But they’re still MMs and still irresistible.Thanks to a blog tour presented by Mom Central, I finally had the opportunity to order some customized MMs. I was absolutely giddy at the idea!

When I went to MyMMs.com, I was delighted to see all the color choices.  I selected a white MM to ensure that the picture would come out okay.  I opted for one picture of the girls and three phrases.  I could have selected two pictures and two phrases.  Up to three colors are allowed per order so I decided to let the girls each pick a color.  I wasn’t surprised that Miss M picked red and Miss K selected blue.  Despite my prodding for them to choose lighter colors, they resisted.  That’s okay because it gave me a great idea of how the various colors worked with pictures on them.  Even though the blue and red are dark and not nearly as clear as the white, they still look awesome.

The upload process was easy and I was able to zoom up then move the picture around.  There’s a giant circle template that helps you visualize what the photo looks like on the MM.  It’s very simple, then you save it and move along to the packaging options.Three 7 oz bags like I received costs just under $36.  You can also choose from a variety of other packaging methods including gift bag, silver box, mini glass box, elegant bag and clear box.  In addition, there is another whole section of gifts.  Don’t pass over this section because I found that three 7 oz bags in a personalized gift box is $29.99 vs $35.97 in the regular packaging section.  (Shrug)  You can also pair your ‘MyMMs’ with a teddy bear, a gumball machine, champagne flutes or (get this) a champagne flute with a diamond ring.  To quote their website “A girl’s best friend, diamonds or chocolate? How about both!”

If you’re more of a do-it-yourself person, consider purchasing a 5 lb bulk package for $130 or 10 lb package for $250 and making your own party favors.

When ours arrived, the girls were so excited.  “How did we get in THERE?!”  Later on, I overheard Miss M tell Miss K “Let’s have some US candy.”  They enjoyed eating the candies with their photograph as well as the ones with their blog identities.Customized MMs aren’t something you see everywhere.  Imagine how surprised your friends would be when they received a small package of MMs with a baby picture, name, date and weight as an announcement of your new arrival – in lieu of the traditional cigar.  Decorate your graduate’s tables with school color MMs, a senior photo and “Class of 2009”.  Celebrate an employee of the month with custom MMs showing the company logo, the company name, the employee’s picture and the employee’s name.  Better yet, if you know someone proposing – have them order ones that say “Will you marry me?” and include a picture of the couple together.  The possibilities are endless.  No matter what you put on them, they look cool and they still taste great!  Be sure to check out their promotions page before placing your order to take advantage of discounts or free items!

Thanks again to Mom Central for this amazing opportunity.  It was a ton of fun and very cool to have.  I just want to tote them around showing everyone… good thing “the milk chocolate melts in your mouth, not in your hands.”

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