Holiday Giveaways 2023 – Diced Veggies by KTBG

Our friends at KTBG consistently put together adorable, family-friendly games like Bugs on Rugs, Food Fighters and several we haven’t covered here on our site. There are no signs of letting up as they even incorporate younger family members into the game design process like they did with Diced Veggies. This young inventors were even up for a TAGIE Award! This game isn’t just for kids though as one of our readers will discover. Slice and dice your way through the various entry options to maximize your chances of winning!

Holiday Giveaway 2023 – Diced Veggies Game

24 thoughts on “Holiday Giveaways 2023 – Diced Veggies by KTBG

  1. I love roasted brussel sprouts and steamed broccoli. Oddly enough, I was raised having a little mayonnaise on my broccoli. I know it sounds bad, but I enjoy it occasionally.

  2. I love raw carrots with dip, but there is nothing better than asparagus, brussel sprouts and other veggies roasted!

  3. Potatoes are the best and most versatile veggie (though technically a starch?) Mashed is my favourite, but you just can’t go wrong with them at all really.

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