Holiday Giveaways 2023 – $50 Gift Card from Floodgate Games

Earlier this month we started a $50 gift card giveaway to the Floodgate Games‘ website. It has been fun hearing what people would get if they won. Several said Sagrada, but there were several others mentioned too, including Kites, which was included in our guide to last-minute gifts of family games. There’s some overlap between that giveaway and this one so if you have a chance to enter both then do. If not, this one is here as a backup so don’t hesitate. There won’t be another Floodgate Games’ giveaway on our site again this year!

Holiday Giveaway 2023 – $50 Floodgate Games Gift Card

21 thoughts on “Holiday Giveaways 2023 – $50 Gift Card from Floodgate Games

  1. Game weight (ideally just north of medium), has to play well with 2p, length of play (ideally 30-45 for a short game, or 60-90 for a bigger game). Theme/representation matters too!

  2. Price, then things like is it an expansion for a game I already like, does it have a new mechanic, how well integrated is the theme, and are there any reviewed negatives (too long, etc).

  3. Usually I don’t buy games I haven’t played, unless it’s something like a reskin of Zombicide where you don’t have the ability to play in advance if you want the KS goodies (and that only a couple times). If there’s one I want to try, I usually can get a copy from the library for testing purposes….

  4. I usually buy games for others so priority is generally based on what I think they like. My smart friends get “thinky” games while my dumb friends get games based on luck and then I try to find a theme I think they would like.

  5. Price.
    Player count.
    Type of game.
    General rating.
    Are the rules gender neutral (if not, I do not buy – with very rare exceptions) – game companies… do NOT assume all players are male!

  6. Player count is the biggest thing I consider, the game must support solo and/or 2 players. Though I will occasionally buy party games for many players.

  7. Theme first and mechanics second. I want a cool game but that also is interesting to play for me or for a good portion of the playgroup

  8. I know prioritize who would join me, theme, length and game mechanics. Trying to get the SO into board games!

  9. Player count and length of time have become very important. My game players have limited amount of time because of little children. Price is also important

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