Holiday Giveaways 2022 – boop. by Smirk & Laughter

We have a lot of cool prizes in our mega giveaway. If you haven’t looked at them all, you should! But this prize, boop., is one that I’m super excited about. It has a super cute theme about kittens and cats jumping on a bed. At the same time, underneath all that adorableness is a strategy game. We put it at the top of the list of family games that make great gifts.

I may have been biased going into it since I know the designer personally and helped test it out during development. However, we discovered way back in March at GAMA Expo that it wasn’t just bias. It was real. Scott’s game, boop., would be a hit this holiday season. Smirk & Laughter is pretty much sold out so if this game is on your wish list, get to your local game store, Barnes & Noble or Books-a-Million and grab a copy before they are all gone. The fact that we’re able to give a copy away is exciting because we know how limited the supply is. This is the purrfect giveaway to fill my heart with joy and add a super hot game to one of our reader’s game shelf!

Holiday Giveaway 2022 – boop. Game

34 thoughts on “Holiday Giveaways 2022 – boop. by Smirk & Laughter

  1. The cat on the cover reminds me of the cat I grew up with. So, I am excited about the cat theme? But then it is a unique 2-player strategy game, so I may be excited about the strategy? Or maybe the fact that it looks like a cute simple kids’ game with great table presence with great components, but is a thinky game. Kinda a wolf in cat’s clothing.

  2. I like the gameplay better than the cat theme. I could take or leave cats, haha. Does look like a neat production though.

  3. I love both! My daughter & her roomie are both cat lovers & both “thinky” types. So this is perfect for them!

  4. It’s the name I’m intrigued with! Boop!- Intrigued that it’s cat themed and love the name! So simple yet- Boop!

  5. It seems to be a worthy strategy game, but I think that the theme and box art might deter mature gamers. Personally, I’d be more inclined to try it as an abstract than with the current theme.

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