Give the Gift of Education with These STEM Toy and Game Ideas for All Ages

Each year when we put together a STEM gift guide, we look for things that are educational. STEM, after all, does refer to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Sometimes you’ll see it referenced as STEAM to include Arts. Either way, they are items that are more than just toys. They’re tools for working your brain in a variety of ways.

When you’re looking for gift ideas, it’s great to get toys and games, both of which have other benefits that promote things like social interaction, imaginative play and cooperation. But looking for things to supplement that (with educational benefits) is even better. The list this year is filled with so many things that I am ready to go play with: Puzzles of all sorts, crafts and other items.

Retail Box - Katamino

Katamino includes 500 challenges to complete solo or head-to-head! The first player selects one wooden shape and places it anywhere on the grid. The piece must lay flat and completely inside the grid area. The second player then selects another wooden shape and does the same. The winner is the last player to cover their side of the board completely.

Osmo Reading Adventure

Osmo from BYJU’S

Retail Box - Osmo Reading Adventure

Osmo Reading Adventure is a personalized reading program where kids build their skills and confidence through interactive games. Developed with educators, the program uses physical and digital play along with speech recognition & AI technology to cover critical reading skills from K through 1st grade (ages 5-7). Osmo Reading Adventure includes an app (available on iOS), physical books, and an interactive crystal wand. The program also includes skill building games and activities focusing on phonics and sight reading, and adapts to meet the skill level of the player (or child) for a more dynamic, fun experience. Age range: 5 – 7 years (K – 1st)

Water Power: Rocket-Propelled

Thames & Kosmos

Retail Box - Rocket Propelled Cars

Harness the power of air and water to make things move! Build water-rocket cars, jet-propelled boats, a water gun, and even a lawn sprinkler. Learn about the laws of physics and their applications in real-world engineering.

Just Add Sugar

Griddly Games, Inc.

Retail Box - Just Add Sugar

A sweet STEAM kit. Just Add the sugar for sweet STEAM activities. Inspire your inner artist and scientist at the same time! Make your own rock candy, sugar cubes and the clean up with your own homemade soaps.

Kids First Andy: The Code & Play Robot

Thames & Kosmos

Retail Box - Andy the Robot

Learn basic programming skills while having fun with Andy, The Code & Play Robot. You program the robot by pressing big, intuitive buttons on the top of its head — no app or tablet required!

100 Piece Brain Puzzle

Genius Games

Retail Box - Brain Puzzle

100-piece floor puzzle of the human brain! Comes with an anatomy guide, highlighting the parts of the brain you are building. Illustrated by a Certified Medical Illustrator.

Squishmallows 1000pc Puzzle

The Op Games

Retail Box - Squishmallows Puzzle

Grow your Squishmallows Squad with the plushiest puzzle you’ll ever put together! This 1,000-piece Squishmallows “Share My Squad” jigsaw puzzle features Squishmallows from various Squads including Puff the Penguin, Austin the Avocado, Monica the Axolotl, and more, all cuddled up around Cam the Cat for a collection you can display in a 19”x27” frame!

Creatoo Sunshine Sabertooth & Ferocious Friends

Thames & Kosmos

Retail Box - Creatto

Creatto is a simple yet versatile building system that consists of just two primary components that can be woven together into countless 3D creations. The flexible yet durable plastic tiles interlock quickly and easily for all skill levels; no additional materials or hardware required!

Match Madness Duo

FoxMind Toys & Games

Retail Box - Match Madness Duo

Experience the Match Madness thrills at its peak! Duo is a matching game for fast thinkers! Be quick to recreate a pattern on a card with your set of 5 blocks! Perfect dual fun for up to 2 players! The game includes 60 challenges with 3 levels of difficulty.

Spy Labs Master Detective Toolkit V2

Thames & Kosmos

Retail Box - Master Detective Toolkit

Welcome to Spy Labs Incorporated, the one-stop shop for spies on the top! With this well-equipped toolkit, you can learn how detectives use forensic science to answer questions, gather evidence, and solve crimes.

100 Piece Human Heart Puzzle

Genius Games

Retail Box - Heart Puzzle

100-piece puzzle of the human heart! Comes with an Anatomy Guide, highlighting the parts of the heart as you build. Illustrated by a Certified Medical Illustrator from Johns Hopkins University.

As a reminder, if you spotted the SahmReviews logo next to something, that means we’ve written about it in more detail. Click on it to get more information along with personalized photos. Several of these items are also part of our holiday giveaway promotion so keep an eye out for those!

Which STEM item would you want to play with first?


33 thoughts on “Give the Gift of Education with These STEM Toy and Game Ideas for All Ages

  1. The Water Power: Rocket-Propelled toy and Just Add Sugar would be fun to play with my “almost” 3 y.o. grandson. They both remind me of toys I had as a kid.

  2. Our family has some of the best times trying to find out solutions to some of these games. Challenges and fun keeps us on our toes and our brains in shape,
    I would love to play Spy Labs Master Detective Toolkit V2.
    Also the 100 Piece Human Heart Puzzle would teach us what the human heart looks like. COOL

  3. My step-mother-in-law loves puzzles, and I love all things cute and squishy, so I think the Squishmallows 1000 piece puzzle would be at the top of my list to share

  4. The STEM item listed in this gift guide that would make a great gift for someone on my shopping list is Osmo Reading Adventure. I think my nephew would love it so much!

  5. We’ve tried a couple of the small Creato kits so I’d love to check out one of the larger ones with my kiddos. They would also really love the Squishmallows puzzle and the Osmo. So many great games here!

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