Thrift Treasure: Funny Bunny Game

Funny Bunny Game - Featured photo with box and board.

I must admit showing favoritism when purchasing this week’s thrift treasure board game. We don’t usually like grabbing games targeted at young players because we don’t have kids of that age any longer. I made an exception with Funny Bunny for a few reasons. First, because the publisher is Ravensburger, who are known for their quality. Secondly for the cute board and pieces. These alone would make this an expensive game in today’s world. Lastly, we already recommended it in our article about bunny-themed games!

Funny Bunny Game - A photo of the box and all its contents.

Along with the sturdy plastic 3-D board, you’ll find cute plastic bunnies in four distinct colors and a deck of twenty-four cards inside the box. Give each player all four bunnies of the same color and shuffle the cards. The green hill is placed in the middle of the play area. Whoever’s birthday is closest becomes the first player.

Funny Bunny Game - A child's hand flipping over a card and showing how many to move.

The object of Funny Bunny is to be the first to get one bunny to the top of the hill. On your turn you will draw the top card and move your bunny that many spaces (1, 2, or 3). Jump over any squares which are already occupied without counting them.

Funny Bunny Game - A pink bunny after it has fallen through a hole in the board.

There is almost always one space with an open hole. Count it when moving, but don’t fall in unless you land on it. By examining the board, you can determine which of the spaces might have holes in them and which are always safe. On subsequent turns, you may continue moving the same bunny or add another one to the path. This will allow you to have a choice of which to move on future turns.

Funny Bunny Game - A woman's hand moving a yellow bunny on the board.

If you draw the “CLIC” card, turn the carrot on the hill clockwise until you hear it click. One of the circles on the way to the carrot might open. If there is a bunny on that space, he will fall in and is out of the game.

Funny Bunny Game - A woman's hand turning the carrot on the board.

That’s all there is to Funny Bunny. A quick race to the top of the hill to get the carrot. For an adult player, there isn’t much to the game. But for kids aged 5-10, the suspense of having a bunny potentially fall through a hole makes the game hilarious. Even though Funny Bunny was originally published around the turn of the century, it has stood the test of time. You can still purchase this game new on Amazon!

Which kids’ game is your secret favorite?

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  1. My favorite secret little kids’ game is “Don’t Spill The Beans!” My brother and I played it when we were little and always had a good time.

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