Luck Game - Closeup photo of the rulebook and board.

It’s been over seven years since we first told you about the Game of 49 by Breaking Games. It was an immediate favorite of the family, especially our youngest, Kennedy. She became fascinated with the math, predicting the odds, and deciphering how much a card would be worth considering the board state. She even went on to win the main tournament at Gen Con and went home with a ton of swag.

This year at Gen Con, Breaking Games was offering a new game (so we thought) tied in with the theatrical release of Luck, an animated movie about a clumsy, orphaned young woman whose life has been constantly plagued by misfortune. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s well worth the time to catch it on Apple TV+. As for this game, it turns out that Luck is simply a reskin of the original Game of 49!

Luck Game - Bag and contents of game

I won’t bore you with another rules overview – you can click here to see exactly how it’s played. What I will say is the aesthetics of Luck is so much better than the original. With cartoon animals from the movie, in addition to numbers on each space and card, the style will remind you a bit of Littlest Pet Shop.

Luck Game - A woman's hand holding play money ready to bid on a card.

Instead of using a traditional box for Luck, this version utilizes a drawstring bag with the board printed on one side. This makes for easy travel, even if you’ll need to iron out the area near the drawstring occasionally. Pastel player tokens might pose issues for color-deficient players, so please consider marking them to make them more identifiable.

Luck Game - A woman's hand placing a purple token on the board.

Paper money is nicely tucked into a money envelope and the custom cards include their own tuck box. The full-size rulebook, while printed on sturdy paper, should be memorized, and set aside for travel. Otherwise, the bag will have to always lay flat instead of being rolled up and put into a purse or carryon.

Luck Game - A stack of cards with a wild card on top for the current auction.

If you don’t already have Game of 49 in your collection, this Luck version would be a better choice just for the portability. The addition of a theme is much more interesting than bidding on numbers and makes it more enjoyable than just a math-fest (sorry Kennedy).

Luck Game - A photo of the game board during mid game.

Pick up your copy at your favorite local game store or on Amazon. If you’re curious about what else Breaking Games has been working on during “the shutdown”, check out their website or visit their social media feeds (Facebook, Twitter) to find out! And go watch Luck on Apple TV+!

Have you seen the movie yet?

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