Holiday Giveaways 2020 – Kraft Heinz Variety Game Pack by Big G Creative


Every once in a while, we create lists of products with similar subjects such as cat-themed games, Marvel-themed games and tools for making sushi. The Kraft Heinz Variety Game Pack which we featured in our Pop Culture gift guide was actually the inspiration for our article on board games based on real foods. These games are so accurate looking that you could probably trick people by putting them in your pantry! Kraft Heinz Variety Game pack from Big G Creative is available at Target. No food fight needed to enter this giveaway. All you have to do is use the form below!

Holiday Giveaway 2020 – Kraft Heinz Variety Game Pack

37 thoughts on “Holiday Giveaways 2020 – Kraft Heinz Variety Game Pack by Big G Creative

  1. My favorite childhood food was cookies so I suppose a game where you to sneak as many cookies as you can while’mom’s’ back is turned would be cool.

  2. I loved spaghetti as a kid. I can imagine some kind of dexterity game of trying to pick up noodles with something like chopsticks.

  3. My favorite childhood food is pizza. What would a game about it look like? Maybe something like Ramen fury where you add pizza items (sauce, toppings, etc) to create then eat a pizza.

  4. My favorite food as a kid was ice cream. So I would come up with a board game with challenges that have to be completed before the ice cream melts.

  5. I would pick out the kraft mac that was the cheesiest and eat those ones first! call it stab the cheesy!

  6. My favorite food growing up was Kraft Mac & Cheese and they now have a game featuring this dish. I think a let’s go fishing for macaroni before the fish get to them would be fun.

  7. My favorite food as a kid was Ramen Noodles. I’m not sure what kinda game about Ramen would look like lol!

  8. My childhood favorite food was bologna. As for a game, I use to throw it at my older brother to see if would stick to him. He was not happy about it but I was entertained.

  9. My favorite childhood food was Mac and cheese. A game about it could be you have to put noodles in a pot. At a certain time the pot pops and throws all the noodles out. If it happens on your turn, you lose.

  10. I enjoyed when my parents made us pancakes as a child! Maybe a match game with different pancakes would be fun!

  11. My favorite childhood food was Hostess Ding Dongs (over time, they started calling them King Dons!). Maybe play checkers with them!

  12. Cheeseburgers were my favorite food growing up. I think a board game featuring cheeseburgers would be great.

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