Holiday Giveaways 2019 – Dirty Pig by North Star Games

Holiday Giveaways 2019 – Dirty Pig by North Star Games


Okay, who let the pigs on the table? Oh yeah… we did! Dirty Pig by North Star Games is a quick, compact card game for the entire family. We told you how to play Dirty Pig last month and shared how it’s a nice addition to Happy Salmon, Funky Chicken and Monster Match.

Like its predecessors, Dirty Pig is a great stocking stuffer (yes, I’m foreshadowing an upcoming gift guide) and it’s pretty affordable. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enter to win a copy, too! Use the form below and you’re good to go!

Holiday Giveaway 2019 – Dirty Pig Game


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18 comments on «Holiday Giveaways 2019 – Dirty Pig by North Star Games»

  1. Mia E. says:

    Saw a few at a Park/Farm this summer. They were huge.

  2. Donald Wayman says:

    County fair the last time I attended.

  3. Fernando Costa says:


  4. Joanna Sisk says:

    About a year ago I think. My friends had one.


    Last month at the Apple Orchard/Farm.

  6. Michael Shea says:

    There’s farms in my area, I saw pigs this summer.

  7. Jessica Peeling says:

    At a drive through “safari” in Florida with all kinds of different animals

  8. Travis P. says:

    A few weeks ago. Smell them all the time, though. Corn country is also pig country.

  9. Molli Taylor says:

    hahaha, actually… i live in a really urban area and someone was keeping pigs and one of them got loose like 3 days ago, so i was just shopping and there was a giant pig just crossing at a red light, and all the cars were honkinG!

  10. Katrina Weiss says:

    A few months ago at the fair.

  11. James says:

    There’s a family farm near us and we go frequently so my kids can check up on the pigs and other animals there

  12. Maggie says:

    There was one at a petting zoo in October.

  13. jthomas says:

    a few months ago at the sprout creek farm a few minutes from our house

  14. Gun Coaty says:

    2 years ago at a parade

  15. EMMA L HORTON says:


  16. gala says:

    last summer on the farm

  17. Dolores Miranda says:

    Last time I saw a pig was at a farm a few years ago!

  18. KT says:

    a few years ago, state farm

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