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We may have said one, two… hundred times how much I like dice games. The randomness, unique or colorful dice, the luck over skill, the feel of the dice as they roll out of your hands are all factors in why I feel this way. Then we have some games that take the extra step and add cool packaging to the mix.

That’s the case with Ya Blew It! from Wonder Forge which we felt was dynamite enough to land a spot in our guide to dice games. If you want to add a blast of fun to your game night, enter to win the game!

Mega Giveaway 2018 – Ya Blew It! Game

21 thoughts on “Ya Blew It! Game Giveaway

  1. I cant recall any unique packaging but I would like think that there will be some better choices than all of the awful plastic packaging in the future.

  2. I got a sweater for Christmas one year. It was stuffed into a cleaned out wine bottle before it had been wrapped.

  3. I had a gift that was packaged in different store packages several times to make sure that I could not guess what it was.

  4. Today I received a meal in the mail, it had ice on the bottom then there was chicken, beef and sausage and all the fixings to make 3 meals, then ice on top of that. It all came fresh.

  5. I give my Mother in Law a jigsaw puzzle every Christmas but I always package it strangely. Once all the pieces were in a pillow, another time in a milk bottle, etc.

  6. The Home Alone: 25th Anniversary DVD set comes in packaging that looks like a paint pail. That’s pretty unique and cool.

  7. It’s a shame but most things have pretty standard packaging. Although, I guess you could consider a book’s cover its packaging and some books have absolutely gorgeous cover art!

  8. Apple uses some snazzy packaging. Perfume also comes in some very interesting shapes and sizes of packaging.

  9. My husband sent me a dozen roses for our 25th anniversary and he hid a ring in an artifical rose and stuck it in with the others, it took me a while to figure that one out. I do mail my Grandchildren little gifts in eggs, tubes and even ballons filled with money and helium in a box that made them fly up when you open the box. You can mail things like balls and other shaped gifts like anything else. They told me they enjoyed seeing all the different things people mail. Of course the usual box in a box, etc. but I hide the gift in a top so they don’t find it when they finish all the boxes.

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