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Did you happen to read this morning’s article? If not, I’ll wait while you go read the Star Trek Fluxx game overview. (…Insert Hold Button music here…)

Thanks for coming back! That was a great read, wasn’t it? With details about the characters and the depth of the stories built into the game, these new Fluxx games are something that Star Trek fans can be excited about.

We know that Looney Labs regularly releases new versions of their hit games and we’re always interested in trying them out and comparing them to others in the product line. We actually featured several Looney Labs games across our various gift guides. You may have noticed Anatomy Fluxx in our list of STEAM gift suggestions or perhaps you saw Mary Engelbreit Loonacy in our guide to games for younger kids. However, the one featured in our guide to gifts for geeks is the one we’re most excited about: Star Trek: The Next Generation Fluxx. If you’re asking why we are so excited, I’ll refer you back to this morning’s article. Are you a Star Trek fan or simply a fan of Fluxx? Enter to win a copy!

Mega Giveaway 2018 – Star Trek TNG Fluxx Game

32 thoughts on “Star Trek: TNG Fluxx Game Giveaway

  1. Oh I’m such a geek…how can I pick just one? I really like T’Pol, Phlox and Charles Tucker from Enterprise (Porthos too!) and Wharf and Data on TNG.

  2. I grew up on TNG, so Picard is my Captain. However, as a subsequent fan of Reading Rainbow, I was also always a fan of Geordie LaForge….

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