In conjunction with our holiday gift guides filled with gift ideas for everyone on your list, we're having a mega giveaway with over 150 days of prizes!

So many things can be said without actually saying a word. Thoughts can often be summed up and conveyed with an expression… or a look. You’ve been there. You know “the look” you give (or get) when someone is doing something they aren’t supposed to. Like trying to sneak a cookie from the cookie jar. Or blowing out the candles on the coffin. Wait. What? Did I say coffin? Yes, I did. It’s part of the game that makes up today’s Mega Giveaway prize!

In Evil Eye (great name, eh?!) from Megableu USA, players are racing to blow out candles around the coffin before getting caught. You may have spotted this one in our guide games for younger kids and tossed it into your shopping cart. One lucky SahmReviews reader will receive a copy to start 2019 with a fun way to experience “the look”. Enter here for a chance to win it!

Mega Giveaway 2018 – Evil Eye Game

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