Mega Giveaway Day 148 – Rubik’s Battle Game

Mega Giveaway Day 148 – Rubik’s Battle Game

You may be a master at a Rubik’s cube and can beat an opponent at Rubik’s Race, but do you have the speed and ability to think fast enough to win at Rubik’s Battle? When we put together our list of pop culture gift ideas this past holiday season, naturally Rubik’s deserved a spot! In addition to featuring it there, we’re happy to be able to offer Rubik’s Battle from University Games as our Day 148 mega giveaway prize. If you’re a fan of Rubik’s products or enjoy a good card game with family or friends, enter to win this one!

150+ Days of Giveaways – Day 148 – Rubik’s Battle Game


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33 comments on «Mega Giveaway Day 148 – Rubik’s Battle Game»

  1. Caroline Lennek says:

    Tried and failed every blessed time!

  2. Susan Stickney says:

    I have not solved it…ever!

  3. Josh Christian says:


  4. Stacey McCrary says:

    Never did but watched my grandfather do it.

  5. KT says:

    honestly – no.
    by cheating (taking it apart & putting it back together), yes.


    Yes, a couple of times, but I have given up way more times than I did solving it.

  7. Dolores Q. says:


  8. Sue E says:

    No way! I don’t know anyone that has!

  9. Antoinette M says:

    No, but I still try!

  10. I have not solved a Rubik’s Cube yet. My nephew has, and is getting different-shaped ones as a challenge now.

  11. Darlene Owen says:

    I have never solved a Rubik’s cube?

  12. Katrina Weiss says:

    No, I haven’t really tried.

  13. Michael Shea says:

    No, I’m really bad at it.

  14. Stephanie Sullivan says:

    No. I try but I’m not very good at it.

  15. MaryAnn says:

    No I have never solved a Rubiks cube.

  16. Annmarie W. says:

    I have never solved a Rubik’s cube…gave up trying back in the 1980s (about a day after the first time I ever saw one). My hubby & teen son have both solved them many times over.

  17. Yalanda Woods says:

    Not a chance lol

  18. Mia says:

    I have never solved a Rubiks cube.

  19. Trey LaCaze says:

    tried a few times and got close, but I got bored with it and put it down

  20. Jeremy S says:

    I originally learned how to solve a 3×3 cub in college, but over the years, I forgot how. Then we got my girls one for Christmas, so I had to re-learn. It was a lot harder to learn in my 30s than in my teens, but there are lots of great videos on it.

  21. Francine Long says:

    I have never solved a Rubik’s Cube puzzle.

  22. Germaine Harrison says:

    No, I wish.

  23. clynsg says:

    No–I could sometimes get one side, but that was it!

  24. Julie Waldron says:

    No, I have never solved one.

  25. Karen Propes says:

    No, but got close.

  26. Eileen Boyce says:

    No never did solve it!

  27. kathy pease says:

    No I have never solved one

  28. Tammy iler says:

    I have never solved

  29. gala says:

    no, I didn’t, but all my kids did

  30. Jennifer H. says:

    No, I have not.

  31. AEKZ2 says:

    Yes, I have solved a Rubik’s cube. My daughter showed me how.

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