Give the gift of flowers this Valentine's Day with one of the beautiful holiday bouquets from Teleflora. -


A walk through the clearance aisle of the store is a good indication of the holiday that recently passed, but the most prominent aisles are often dedicated to the holiday that is a couple months out. If you’re looking for gifts for a holiday that is a week or two away, chances are you aren’t going to find the best gifts – those were gone a month or so ago. Think about it… Christmas stuff is on the shelves before Halloween is ever over. Right now, St. Patrick’s Day and Easter Baskets are the first thing you see when you walk into a retailer.

So that means at this point in time, Valentine’s Day gifts are pretty much already picked over. Honestly, was that really what you wanted to get the love of your life anyhow? As frugal as I am, and as much as I tell Scott that I don’t want him to buy me anything, a gift of a board game will put a smile on my face but so will a simple bouquet of flowers.

You may recall the Christmas bouquet from Teleflora. It was beautiful and came in a festive jar that I’ll be able to use during next year’s holiday decorating. I thoroughly enjoyed having fresh flowers on the table to brighten up the gloomy winter days. Now that we are right around the corner from Valentine’s Day, it’s worth a reminder that you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg for roses when there are a number of other beautiful bouquets available!

Give the gift of flowers this Valentine's Day with one of the beautiful holiday bouquets from Teleflora. -

Can I tell you a secret? I love roses, but I’m as happy with a single rose as an entire bouquet of them. It’s the thought that counts and three dozen long-stem roses are pretty stunning. But if there’s a bouquet in my future, it doesn’t have to be limited to roses. I actually have a fondness for many types of flowers – especially ones with other significance. As an example, Teleflora’s Swirling Desire Bouquet includes roses and other red blooms, but what appeals to me the most are the pink oriental lilies.

Give the gift of flowers this Valentine's Day with one of the beautiful holiday bouquets from Teleflora. -

Those were the prominent flower in the bouquet I carried down the aisle at my wedding and in the altar sprays as well. It’s something I haven’t told my girls before, but now that they are old enough, I want them to have this piece of information to carry along through their lives. It might not matter now, but when they get married and are trying to decide what flowers, this might have an impact. Or when I’m old and feeble and they’re trying to figure out what to deliver to me in the nursing home, they’ll know. 

Give the gift of flowers this Valentine's Day with one of the beautiful holiday bouquets from Teleflora. -

When this stunning bouquet arrived, I was swept away not only for the beauty of the flowers, but how lovely the red swirling red vase is. The whole thing reminded me of that special day in my life. To top it off, the fragrance… well, it made my day and continues to add life to the stagnant air that comes with the cold winter months. Each time I walk in from another room or from being out of the house, it brings a smile to my face all over again.

Give the gift of flowers this Valentine's Day with one of the beautiful holiday bouquets from Teleflora. -

While many people feel roses are synonymous with Valentine’s Day, there are plenty of other flowers that transform a bouquet into something fascinating. In addition to the Swirling Desire Bouquet, Teleflora has other new selections for Valentine’s Day 2018 including Teleflora’s Red Haute Bouquet, Teleflora’s Mad Crush Bouquet and Teleflora’s Young at Heart Bouquet. This is in addition to the wide variety of other Valentine’s Day gift ideas in a range of prices.

As with the Christmas bouquet, the Swirling Desire Bouquet has flowers in various stages of bloom which means it will continue to radiate beauty for longer. You may recall, I took apart my bouquet to be able to show you the cool “vase” it came in. Unlike that one, there’s no way I’m disassembling this one. I’m going to thoroughly enjoy every minute that this bouquet can offer and relish every smile it brings.

Know what else I’m going to do? I’m going to give away a $75 gift code for use on a Teleflora Valentine’s bouquet so someone else can enjoy some beautiful flowers as well! While most of our giveaways run for 30 days, this one will be shorter to ensure you’re able to get it purchased in time for Valentine’s Day.

Teleflora Valentine’s Day Bouquet Giveaway

93 thoughts on “Flower Power: Valentine’s Day Bouquets

  1. Wow – there are so many beautiful ones!! I Would love to receive any of them, but I think my favorite is Enchanted Cottage.

    (Runners-up: Jumping for Joy, Heart and Soul, Hold Me Close, & Zen Artistry)

  2. All of the arrangements are so beautiful! The Teleflora’s Young At Heart Bouquet caught my eye! Love the flowers and the Young at Heart Cube!

  3. It was so hard to choose! They’re ALL gorgeous!! I like variety.
    I finally decided on Teleflora’s Blushing Violet Bouquet. TY

  4. I’d love to receive the Teleflora’s Vivid Love Bouquet for Valentine’s Day. Thanks.

  5. Honestly, I’m not sure if it matters…I tried to order through Teleflora last month, and things didn’t go all that well.

  6. Would love to win the Love’s Passion. The beautiful contrast between the red and the white is awesome looking. Love the different flower mixture it is a perfect reminder of love and renewal!

  7. I really love these right here. The bloom is so lovely and the color contrast between the pink and red is just beautiful.
    Madly in Love Bouquet with Red Roses by Teleflora

  8. I would like to receive the Teleflora’s Desert Sunrise Bouquet! The colors are gorgeous and I love watching lilies open!

  9. The Bejeweled Beauty by Teleflora 9 Looks so beautiful! That would be my choice for sure! Thank you for this awesome giveaway!

  10. I love roses so much that I would just love to give the Madly in Love Bouquet with Red Roses this Valentine’s Day.

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