Mega Giveaway Day 85 – Armitron Men’s Watch

One of Kennedy’s classes at school is called Life Skills where students learn about budgeting, create resumes, fill out an application, participate in the interview process, discuss college prep and more. It has brought about many conversations that I’ve realized aren’t commonplace with the next generation of workforce. One in particular is a clarification of what “professional attire” means. I explained to her that it’s not just about looking nice, but adding details for a polished look. For example, nylons can completely change an overall look. For men, whether they’re wearing a suit and tie or simply a dress shirt and slacks, one small detail that can round out the look is a nice watch. We featured a couple Armitron watches in our list of gadgets and gizmos gift ideas this holiday season because watches are something I simply cannot live without. I wear one every day because not only does it round out my look, I don’t have to glance at my phone to find out what time it is. I think everyone should wear a watch (and we already gave away a women’s watch) so Mega Giveaway Day 85 prize is a Men’s Armitron watch! Know what time it is? It’s time to enter!

150+ Days of Giveaways – Day 85 – Armitron Men’s Watch

78 thoughts on “Mega Giveaway Day 85 – Armitron Men’s Watch

  1. “Do you prefer a basic watch or one that displays the date or offers other features?” I like a classic watch–complications would just addle my poor little brain! But I would be willing to tolerate high-end watches with fancy complications. One must encourage industry!

  2. I prefer a watch with special features like a compass or digital readout or backlit. But I also like the simplistic idea of just knowing the time which is what a watch is designed to do.

  3. I prefer a basic watch when I wear one, which isn’t very often these days. I’d give this to my husband if I happen to win! Thanks!

  4. That’s a tough one with all the “Smart” watches out there. I guess it would be where I would be wearing it. I like the old classic watches.

  5. I prefer a feature rich watch most of the time. Especially in class or at work. It’s so handy to be able to get your calls, texts, and email notifications on your wrist without having to dig around in your pocket and be obvious. However, sometimes I like wearing a nice looking basic watch too. Different situations call for different watches in my opinion.

  6. My husband and I both would really appreciate a date option! We can’t keep up with the date on our own, lol!

  7. I like any watch that has a nice look to it. If the watch is classy then I don’t mind if it doesn’t have any other features than the time. If a watch is expensive just for some extra features I am happy to pass it by.

  8. Basic is my favorite. It would be too easy to become too dependent on the watch if there were too many things that it did.

  9. It’s a bit of a toss up for me. Most days I’d like a basic watch but, if I’m traveling (especially across time zones), I like the added feature of having a date too.

  10. I like a watch that shows me the date. Some other features may be coo too. I wouldn’t want it too look too crowded though.

  11. I prefer a multi-function watch that offers a wide arrange of features but also like to have another watch that is more simplistic.

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