Mega Giveaway Day 73 – Samurai Gardener Game

We’re having a tropical heat wave here in Iowa… it made it all the way up to 40 degrees Fahrenheit this week! After a week of sub-zero temperatures and windchill to make it worse, we’re ready for some warmth and sunshine. Alas, Mother Nature doesn’t have plans to send it our way for a few more months. So we’ll get by using a game to create gardens and find a peaceful place. We featured Samurai Gardener from Osprey Games last December and included it in our first list of family games this past holiday season. Today we’re revisiting the garden so we can find a new owner. It’s Day 73 of our Holiday Giveaway! If you’re ready to start your garden, enter to win.

150+ Days of Giveaways – Day 73 – Samurai Gardener Game

40 thoughts on “Mega Giveaway Day 73 – Samurai Gardener Game

  1. Rock garden, probably. I do like the pond, though. This sounds like such an interesting game! I love how much you have expanded my board game knowledge!

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