Oreo Oh-So-Gooey No Bake Cookies

Oreo Oh-So-Gooey No Bake Cookies

Remember a couple weeks ago when I was so excited to find snack packs that included classic flavors, including Oreo cookies? That sweet tooth thing really does me in, but I’ve found ways to balance it. What is worse is that I have two teen daughters who are a roller coaster of food-related decisions. They make plans to eat breakfast, but morning comes pretty quickly – especially when they’re up late doing homework or at a school event. Sometimes there isn’t time for breakfast, sometimes “nothing sounds good.”
So I am constantly trying to make sure there are options to eat. Protein drinks and bars, toaster pastries, hard boiled eggs, meats, cheeses, cottage cheese, yogurt, fruit and of course, cereal. I even make homemade pancakes and waffles and freeze them for a quick breakfast treat. The more options, the less likelihood that they can claim that we don’t have anything in the house. As excited as they were about the Oreo snack packs, it became pretty obvious that Oreo O’s cereal would be a good option to stash in the cabinet. So I set out to find it at Hy-Vee only to discover a gaping hole on the shelf where it belonged. They called another local store, but that one was out of stock also. This stuff must be pretty good if they can’t even keep it on the shelves!

Give your cereal bar recipe a boost with Post Oreo O's cereal. Check out this simple Oreo Oh-So-Gooey No Bake Cookie Recipe. - SahmReviews.com

I made it a mission to get my hands on a box. Three trips to Hy-Vee later and I finally scored! I was debating buying multiple boxes since they actually had it in stock, but I decided that it would be better to start with one and make sure the kids liked it… and of course, make sure that yours truly liked it as well.

Bring the taste of these classic cookies to the table with Post Oreo O's Cereal. - SahmReviews.com

I’m going to have to say that not only did it make the breakfast cut, but one of us even opted to make it their dinner on “free choice” night. Considering I always have to beg (read: demand) they have a glass of milk with their dinner, I certainly see no reason to dispute letting them have cereal for dinner. Two birds, one stone…

After tasting Post Oreo O’s myself, I had an idea that these would be delicious in a Puppy Chow for People recipe in place of the other cereals I had been using. I was all set to try it out when I realized I was out of chocolate chips. Yeah, we don’t stock those in our pantry because, well, my sweet tooth knows where I hide them. So I started looking for other recipes that had a similar taste and landed realized the No Bake Cookies my mom always makes during the holidays would work. I could substitute the Post Oreo O’s for the oatmeal.

Give your cereal bar recipe a boost with Post Oreo O's cereal. Check out this simple Oreo Oh-So-Gooey No Bake Cookie Recipe. - SahmReviews.com

Oreo Oh-So-Gooey No Bake Cookies

1/2 cup Sugar
1/8 cup Milk
2 tbsp (Stick) Butter or Margarine
1 tbsp Cocoa powder
2 cups Post Oreo O’s Cereal
1/4 cup creamy Peanut Butter (don’t heap!)
1/4 tsp Vanilla Extract
Pinch Kosher Salt

Give your cereal bar recipe a boost with Post Oreo O's cereal. Check out this simple Oreo Oh-So-Gooey No Bake Cookie Recipe. - SahmReviews.com

Measure ALL ingredients in advance as it’s important to be prepared to mix them second step ingredients as soon as the cooking mixture is removed from the heat. In a small saucepan, combine milk, sugar, butter and cocoa powder. Bring to a boil, stirring regularly for 1 minute. Remove from heat.

Give your cereal bar recipe a boost with Post Oreo O's cereal. Check out this simple Oreo Oh-So-Gooey No Bake Cookie Recipe. - SahmReviews.com

Add the Oreo O’s cereal, peanut butter, vanilla extract and salt to the warm mixture until combined. I love peanut butter so I made it a heaping 1/4 cup. Don’t do that… it prevented the mixture from setting up as well. You could actually get away with a bit less peanut butter.

Give your cereal bar recipe a boost with Post Oreo O's cereal. Check out this simple Oreo Oh-So-Gooey No Bake Cookie Recipe. - SahmReviews.com

Drop by small teaspoons onto parchment paper and let rest until hardened. It’s unseasonably warm here right now so I ended up putting them in the refrigerator. Since they’re absorbing the heated mixture, they lose their crunchy texture and have a gooey texture similar to the original recipe that included oats.

Give your cereal bar recipe a boost with Post Oreo O's cereal. Check out this simple Oreo Oh-So-Gooey No Bake Cookie Recipe. - SahmReviews.com

This small-size batch should make about a dozen medium cookies. Give or take depending on how many you sample while dropping onto the parchment.

Keep an eye out at your local retailer for Post Oreo O’s cereal. (Oreo® and the OREO Wafer design are registered trademarks of Mondelez International group, used under license) As I previously mentioned, I picked this box up at Hy-Vee and I’m currently wishing I had grabbed more than one box! Great for breakfast, as a snack (by the handful) or in recipes in place of other cereals. In addition to this one, we’re planning it for Puppy Chow for People as well as Dirt Dessert. We’ve also discussed trying them as part of a Scotcharoo recipe, but I’m not sure how the butterscotch chips would work with the Oreo flavor. Kennedy said she plans to add these to vanilla ice cream and I think that’s an awesome idea!

What recipe would you add Post Oreo O’s cereal to?


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  1. Taya Elery says:

    These are a nice change to the Rice Krispie Treats! I may try this out, not too certain on the peanut butter part though. And I agree, I think the Post Oreo O’s cereal would taste fantastic with ice cream!

  2. Jennifer G says:

    NO WAY! There is a CEREAL. Stop it! This looks yummy.

  3. Now that looks simple and yummy! I probably wouldn’t use these in a recipe – this is the kind of thing I would drop on the girls’ high chair trays and just let them go to town, ha!

  4. Annemarie LeBlanc says:

    These no bake Oreo-O cookies look so delicious! I would love to make some for the grandchildren to enjoy.

  5. Julie Syl says:

    This looks so delicious. I really like this cereal no bake cookies.Will definitely check this in the market.

  6. Ingrid says:

    Most people love Oreos. I do not. I do have the taste for chocolate cookies. However I could recognize a good recipe when i see one.

  7. Nancy P says:

    This looks stunningly delicious! Who doesn’t love Oreos? And then you mix them and make them into cookies and it’s a cereal too I had no idea how amazing is this. I’m going to have to try this.

  8. Oh my goodness, my favorite cookie in a breakfast cereal!! forget the kiddos and get me a box! it looks delicious

  9. Rebecca Swenor says:

    These Oreo O’s cereal no back cookies sounds amazing. I used to make these kind of cookies with oatmeal but the Oreo O’s cereal would make them so much better. Thanks for sharing the recipe.Yummy!!!

  10. Elizabeth O says:

    Thia oreo cereal looks so delicious and tasty. This will be perfect for children who are back in school. Will definitely share this to my niece.

  11. Rosey says:

    We’ve got about a dozen or so kids coming over this weekend, so this will be perfect. Thanks for sharing it!! No bake is awesome when you don’t have a lot of time, or don’t want the extra heat in the house but still want something fun/sweet.

  12. Brandy says:

    I have yet to see the cereal at my store and I want to because this recipe looks really good. It would be fun to make it as a Halloween treat for my kiddos before they go out trick-or-treating.

  13. Marysa says:

    Sounds like a yummy cereal, and a fun treat to make too! I haven’t seen this cereal yet, but everyone in our house is a fan of Oreos, so I’ll have to see if I can find some.

  14. Oh yum! These look so easy to make and so delicious!

  15. Janet C says:

    I have to track down that cereal!!

  16. Lindsey Mozgai says:

    I didn’t even know they made oreo cereal! No bake cookies are the best!

  17. Sue E says:

    I’ve only seen this cereal a couple of times. There was a coupon for this Oreo cereal in the paper about a month ago, so I always ask the grandkids if they would like the new food first before I buy it. The weird thing about new food is, when it first comes out, I see it maybe once or twice in the store where I shop. I don’t know if the store does trial runs or what before it establishes a permanent place on their shelves. So if it is at the store I shop at next time, I will pick it up. I would like to try this recipe. Thank you for sharing!

  18. Mia Rose says:

    I don’t like to bake in this hot weather so this looks like it would be such a good way to have a treat and not heat the house up. Plus they look good.

  19. kate g says:

    I’m not a big cereal eater so I didn’t know about these, but now that I do, that will change. I like you adding the peanut butter to the cookies for protein so I can justify the sugar…

  20. Debbie P says:

    These sounds really good. What a simply and clever recipe. I am going to make these soon. Thanks.

  21. Karen Propes says:

    Yumm! This sounds delicious and it’s perfect for my Granddaughter and I to do together. She loves cooking but this would be a great no bake alternative to cookies. Thanks so much. Now off to find the cereal.

  22. t p murphy says:

    Thank you, always on the lookout for easier recipes to make with my young granddaughter, will be giving this a spin for sure

  23. Lily Kwan says:

    This recipe looks very tasty. Thanks for sharing!

  24. Karen Evans says:

    WOW! This looks so yummy Thank you for the recipe!

  25. Ed says:

    These look tasty! Thanks for sharing.

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