Oh, Happy Happy. Playing games makes us happy. Having awesome readers makes us happy. Giving stuff away in this Mega Giveaway makes us happy. Do you see a pattern here yet?

Day 83 is Happy! Happy Salmon to be more specific!

Thanks to North Star Games for providing this ridiculously fast-paced, fun game to give to one of our readers. You can see a video playing Happy Salmon, read about it in our list of party games to play with your family and friends or check out North Star Games on Facebook and Twitter where you’ll often find them challenging people to see who is the best at playing it!

I can’t say enough about how fun the game is but I can say this: Enter to win!

100+ Days of Giveaways – Day 83 – Happy Salmon

26 thoughts on “Mega Giveaway Day 83- Happy Salmon Game

  1. I grew up playingloud party games. It was nto until recently I learned you don;t have to be loud in a party game.

  2. We certainly have played some LOUD party games!
    Like the game LOUD ABOUT – it’s a lot of fun.
    This game sounds similar and FUN!
    I’m ready

  3. Yes we play loud games all the time! Our favorite is Twister, It’s just hilarious to us. Plus we love Giant jenga which gets crazy loud when we are rooting one another on.

  4. Yes, We love loud family games. It keeps everything fun and relaxed and of course silly. Always good to lighten up and get loud together.

  5. Yes I have. A lot of party games in my family get loud lol! We have been known to scare away visitors from our loud games of Pictionary, Scrabble etc 🙂

  6. No loud party games, unless you count stuff like One Night Ultimate Werewolf or Resistance. These games have the usual amount of bickering 🙂

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