Mega Giveaway Day 28 – Orleans Game

Mega Giveaway Day 28 – Orleans Game

In addition to featuring Orleans (our Day 28 prize) on the site recently, we included it in our Games for Teens and Adults Gift Guide. The list is filled with quality games that will appeal to older or more seasoned gamers in a variety of themes. We’re sure you can find something to help check something off your shopping list.

Learn more about the game by checking out the Orleans walk-thru we did a few months back then stop by Tasty Minstrel GamesFacebook or Twitter pages to tell them thank you for including such an awesome game in this year’s Mega Giveaway!

100+ Days of Giveaways – Day 28 – Orleans Game


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  1. brody says:

    france! there are only so many time getting out of the country…

    1. Michelle English says:

      I would probably want to visit France. I would love to visit a country and view the beauty.

  2. Steven R says:

    I’ve already been to Noe Orleans so I would like to see France.

  3. Taha A says:

    Probably New Orleans

  4. Matthew Mesina says:

    France sounds nice, and true to the game.

  5. Mark marine says:

    France since I’ve never been there

  6. Scotty B says:

    France. (i have never been)

  7. Eric Shearer says:

    France for sure, my wife was just in New Orleans and she had nothing good to report back.

  8. Charles eldridge says:


  9. Benjamin K. says:

    New Oeans sounds nice…but France sounds so much better 🙂

  10. David Gabriel Luchetti says:

    Hmm. Probably France just to get out of the USA for a bit

  11. Josh says:

    I’d love to visit France!

  12. Carl says:

    France. I love going to Europe!

  13. Drew T says:

    France, without a question. I’d make it an extended trip and visit the rest of Europe too.

  14. Steven D. says:

    I would rather travel to Orleans, France and make sure to extend the trip to see other parts of Europe as well.

  15. Andrew W. says:

    The Big Easy, New Orleans would be my choice

  16. Brigitte Hoffman says:

    Orleans France

  17. Zoltan Forgacs says:

    I would love to go to see the city, that inspired the game, Orleans!)

  18. Dave Blizzard says:

    New Orleans for sure.

  19. Sparks says:

    I’d go over to France, I enjoy seeing other countries.

  20. Ryan Campbell says:

    How about both!! First, though, I need to take my wife to New Orleans. It has been on her bucket list since she was a kid! Orleans in France would be amazing…the only other country I have been to is Canada lol.

  21. Jeff Rhind says:

    New Orleans, LA. My son is a HUGE Saints fan!!

  22. Justin Greer says:

    Orleans, France!

  23. Ciara says:

    Definitely France. I’ve been to New Orleans LA and it’s great too!

  24. Desmond says:

    I would want to visit France. I am more keen on visiting outside of the U.S.

  25. Joanna Sisk says:

    New Orleans, Louisiana

  26. Jason Mack says:

    France for sure. I’ve been to New Orleans, even before the flood it was not that nice (to be honest!)

  27. Chris Kind says:

    Orleans France, better cheese.

  28. Thuan Ngo says:

    France. My wife speaks the language but has never been.

  29. Mitch says:

    France –

  30. Corey Mayo says:


  31. jeff speck says:

    Zut alors! Orleans, France!

  32. Ruben Maia says:

    I would visit Orleans, France instead.

  33. Mark W says:

    France. I’ve never been out of the country.

  34. Brad R says:

    France, always enjoy the international experience when I can

  35. Matthew S. says:

    I’m more committed to visiting as many countries as possible than visiting as many states as possible, so the one in France.

  36. Matt says:

    would rather visit france, great food there.

  37. Michael Shea says:

    New Orleans – I did not have fun when Iwas in France, I had a blast in New Orleans.

  38. Scott Anthony says:

    Visiting France would give me a better feel for the game.

  39. New Orleans (Louisiana) for me. As much as I’d like to go to France, I think I’d like the food in Louisiana much more. 8D

  40. Rick Bristol says:

    France, definitely Orleans France.

  41. AJ Matunis says:


  42. Greg says:

    Bien sure, Orleans en France

  43. Lars says:

    New Orleans

  44. James Holzhauer says:

    Orleans in France.

  45. Jeromy Koffler says:

    Probably New Orleans in LA because I don’t currently have a passport.

  46. Benjamin Marsh says:

    New Orleans, Louisiana. I have friends in that area and could visit them.

  47. MamaGames says:

    I would definitely love to visit Orleans, France! Thanks for the chance to win.

  48. Brian R says:

    I would rather visit Orleans (France). My wife would love it. (I think I would too)

  49. Gabe Covert says:

    France, because then I could take a train to Germany for Essen!

  50. Jeremy S says:

    I would rather go to Orleans (France). So much history over there.

  51. Ryan Malone says:

    Orleans in France

  52. Fabiano Pires says:

    Orleans in France!

  53. James says:

    Orleans for sure! I’ve always wanted to travel outside the US!

  54. Elizabeth Tarlow says:

    I’d like to visit New Orleans, Louisiana for the jazz culture. When the weather is good 🙂

  55. Ryan says:

    I have family in NOLA, so there

  56. Carl says:

    France. As long as it isn’t Paris, I think I’ll enjoy it.

  57. PBinCT says:

    Orleans, France

  58. Joe Cooper says:

    I would rather visit France only because I have only been out of this country 1 time and it was about 25 years ago.

  59. Craig Partridge says:

    Orléans, France

  60. rachael debates says:


  61. Michael C. Steffens says:

    Always enjoy going to New Orleans.

  62. Adam S says:

    New Orleans. I want to eat gumbo and Po’boys.

  63. Joseph Thayne says:


  64. Garrett Vander Leun says:

    New Orleans, Louisiana! I have family there and it’s the kind worth seeing!

  65. Michelle Lee Mariorenzi says:

    France for sure

  66. kayla hunt says:


  67. Gabrielly says:

    I would love to visit Orleans (France).

  68. Kieranzaera says:

    I would rather visit New Orleans, LA.

  69. Krystal Liddell says:

    I would rather visit Orleans, France. I have always wanted to go to France! New Orleans, LA I went through but didn’t stop. I would like to visit some places there too.

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