Mega Giveaway Day 23 – Escape From Colditz Game

Mega Giveaway Day 23 – Escape From Colditz Game

You know we are big proponents for integrating games into education. Our Day 23 prize is from a company that took their knowledge of history and started making games! Osprey Publishing‘s game, Escape from Colditz brings history to life and one lucky SahmReviews reader will win it!

We recently featured Escape from Colditz in our Games for Teens and Adults Gift Guide. Check it out, learn more about the game, stop by Facebook or Twitter to tell Osprey Publishing thank you for joining our Mega Giveaway then enter to win!

100+ Days of Giveaways – Day 23 – Escape from Colditz Game


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35 comments on «Mega Giveaway Day 23 – Escape From Colditz Game»

  1. NickS says:

    The Great Escape

  2. Paul says:

    The Prisoner

  3. brody says:

    I loved the show prison break. Very good seasons 1-2. Then not as good the rest, but still good.

  4. James Laird says:

    More of an Escape From New York guy

  5. Andrew W. says:

    The Prisoner

  6. Scotty B says:

    My favorite TV show about escaping, is LOST. They had to find their way off the island. (then SPOILER, back on to it) 🙂

  7. Dave Blizzard says:

    The Great Escape.

  8. Sparks says:

    Not a category I normally keep track of. I’ll go with The Running Man, an old one but stuck in my head for the age I was when it came out. I should probably go back and watch it again, though now it would be dated which might deteriorate my good memories.

  9. Drew T says:

    Probably the Running Man.

  10. Justin Greer says:

    Great TV show: Prison Break

  11. Escape To Witch Mountain

  12. Ruth says:

    The Great Escape

  13. mohmdnopy says:


  14. Sandra Watts says:

    Escape from New York is my favorite movie about escaping.

  15. Ruben Maia says:

    The Great Escape

  16. I always was a fan of Prison Break!

  17. Michael Shea says:

    Escape from New York.

  18. Jason Mack says:

    Hogan’s Heroes (even though they could easily escape and never did!)

  19. Mitch says:

    the great escape

  20. Josh says:

    I like O, Brother Where art Thou?

    1. Michelle Lee Mariorenzi says:

      i didnt think of this one but awesome choice!!!!

  21. Ryan Campbell says:

    The Phone Booth…not the absolute best, but I thought it was amazing that they made an entire full-length movie about a guy trapped in a phone booth.

  22. Scott Anthony says:

    Stalag 17

  23. James says:

    The Great Escape is a classic and still my favorite.

  24. Christine Beasley says:

    The Fugitive, the original tv show.

  25. Elizabeth Tarlow says:

    Favorite movie about escaping is The Raid: Redemption.

  26. Adam S says:

    The novel The Count of Monte Cristo and the movie Papillon.

  27. Brian R says:

    The Prisoner tv show

  28. Deanna McCoy says:

    The fugitive

  29. rachael debates says:

    prison break

  30. Michelle Lee Mariorenzi says:

    The Shawshank Redemption

  31. Dann Albright says:

    I think Alien is my favorite escape movie. Not typical in how it presents escape, but it’s fantastic!

  32. Gabrielly says:

    The Great Escape.

  33. PBinCT says:

    Escape from Sobibor

  34. Joanna Sisk says:

    Firefly! No question!!!

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