Mega Giveaway Day 24 – Just Add Milk Science Kit

Mega Giveaway Day 24 – Just Add Milk Science Kit

Just as yesterday’s prize was focused on education, so is today’s! This time, we’re shifting from history to science as we present our Day 25 prize, Just Add Milk by Griddly Games. One lucky SahmReviews reader will win this creative science kit!

Check out the other educational gift suggestions in our S.T.E.M. Toys and Games Gift Guide. Don’t forget to give a shout out to our sponsor on Facebook or Twitter, because without them we wouldn’t have the prize for our Mega Giveaway!

100+ Days of Giveaways – Day 24 – Just Add Milk Science Kit


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18 comments on «Mega Giveaway Day 24 – Just Add Milk Science Kit»

  1. Josh Willhite says:

    What a weird thing to run across today.

  2. Sparks says:

    Glasses of water can be used for many different things. Even running tap water can be used for lessons.

  3. Carl says:

    Soda and mentos

  4. judy calloway says:

    Baking soda and salt with apple cider Vin.! Thanks for the contest! Good luck everyone!

  5. Cynthia C says:

    I have used food coloring to demonstrate color mixing.

  6. Sandra Watts says:

    Food coloring and dish soap I have used.

  7. Michael Shea says:

    Sugar and Water

  8. Ryan Campbell says:

    Vinegar & Baking Soda is always fun. Mentos and Diet Coke…water, food coloring, and dish soap is neat too. Lots of everyday things can make cool experiments.

  9. Scotty B says:

    Oil, Water, and Food Coloring

  10. Brigitte Hoffman says:

    Citric Acid

  11. NickS says:

    Baking soda and vinegar

  12. Elizabeth Tarlow says:

    We’ve used Vinegar & Baking Soda to make a Volcano.

  13. rachael debates says:


  14. Gabrielly says:

    Soda and mentos.

  15. Jessica Justice says:

    We’ve tried a few experiments with oil and water, and with flowers and food coloring. We are going to try a few more next year, maybe some with milk ;).

  16. Michelle Lee Mariorenzi says:

    soda, mentos, borax, shaving cream, salt, vingar, baking soda, food coloring, check out some of our fb videos. lol

  17. Leah Shumack says:

    Borax and baking soda are some of our favorite supplies!

  18. kayla hunt says:

    baking soda

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