Mega Giveaway Day 25 – Before I Kill You Mister Spy Game

Mega Giveaway Day 25 – Before I Kill You Mister Spy Game

Day 25 is a killer game. Really. It’s Before I Kill You Mister Spy from Cheapass Games!!  We featured this game in Stocking Stuffers gift guide because it’s affordable (AKA cheap!) and small. Stop by Cheapass Games’ website to see what else they have to offer then visit them on Twitter and Facebook to tell them thanks for participating in our Mega Giveaway.

100+ Days of Giveaways – Day 25 – Before I Kill You Mister Spy

Nicole Brady

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34 comments on «Mega Giveaway Day 25 – Before I Kill You Mister Spy Game»

  1. Charles eldridge says:

    James bond

    1. Michelle English says:

      James Bond OR Jason Borne, because they rock . James is more sophisticated but Jason is more adventurous and rock hard. 🙂

  2. Brian R says:

    Bond, James Bond
    followed by Sterling Archer and Austin Powers

  3. Sarah Reed says:

    Perry the Platypus because he’s Perrryy!! 😉

    1. Ryan Campbell says:

      Hey…where’s Perry?

  4. Scott D Randel says:

    This one is new to me

  5. Scott D Randel says:

    Favorite spy has to be Bond. Read all the books multiple times back in the 70s.

  6. Jason Mack says:

    Archer. He is nothing but amazing. Everything he does is effortlessly surreal…

  7. Andrew W. says:

    James Bond, because he is the classic (The book version)

  8. Carl says:

    Dick Grayson. Dat booty…

  9. Sandra Watts says:

    Harriet the Spy was really cute.

  10. Michael Shea says:

    Matt Helm – I love a little comedy.

  11. Ryan Campbell says:

    Maxwell Smart 😉

    1. jeffrey allen bradshaw says:

      agent 86 is way better

  12. Justin Greer says:

    Gotta be James Bond, you just can’t beat 007.

  13. Irma Oliva says:

    james bond

  14. Irma Oliva says:

    Perry the Platypus

  15. Scotty B says:

    Bond…. James Bond. Of course. I love Roger Moore era. More light-hearted fun than the rest of the Bonds.

  16. Ruth says:

    Bond, James Bond because he is the original

  17. Jeromy Koffler says:

    Alex Krycek from the X-Files. Double agent and super spy.

  18. Elizabeth Tarlow says:

    Favorite Spy is Sterling Archer. He is cocky, funny, a ladies’ man and very capable. No matter what happens, he manages to survive, even if he does so via blind luck.

  19. Ryan says:

    Melissa McCarthy because she was hilarious in Spy

  20. Deanna McCoy says:

    Maxwell Smart

  21. Riccardo P. says:

    James Bond

  22. PBinCT says:

    Johnny English, because he’s funny

  23. rachael debates says:

    inspector gadget cause he’s awesome

  24. Jessica Justice says:

    I don’t really have a “favorite” but I always kind of liked James Bond because he always had cool devices; I honestly couldn’t come up with another spy if I had to…

  25. Michelle Lee Mariorenzi says:

    NAncy Drew and Harriet the spy. Because little girls wanted to be them

  26. NOT entering…. but seriously, what is it with all these VIOLENT / KILLING games you have been featuring and giving away????

  27. kayla hunt says:

    nancy drew, she’s awesome

  28. Marie Cantelli says:

    I loved Harriet the Spy growing up.

  29. Gabrielly says:

    I like James Bond.

  30. Jared Heifetz says:

    Has to be Archer! 😀

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