Mega Giveaway Day 18 – ShaBoom Game

Mega Giveaway Day 18 – ShaBoom Game

Our Day 18 prize in our 100+ Days of Giveaways is a total bang as we offer one lucky SahmReviews reader the opportunity to win ShaBoom! from Haywire Group. Recently featured in our Dice Games gift guide, you may also recognize the name Haywire Group from our Day 7 giveaway… not only do they have an extensive line of toys but they offer games as well.

As with all our other giveaways, you can enter daily as some of the options can be completed…well… daily. Come back tomorrow and the next day and the next day and… as we offer more giveaways and more gift guides for more gift ideas. What more can you ask for?

100+ Days of Giveaways – Day 18 – SHABOOM! Game


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20 comments on «Mega Giveaway Day 18 – ShaBoom Game»

  1. Andrew W. says:

    Telestrations was the last game I played that brought everyone, old and young to the table.

  2. Kristin Troska says:

    We played Morphology. Great with different ages and abilities.

  3. Sandra Watts says:

    The last game I played with the family was Monopoly. My son likes that one.

  4. Dan Della Rocca says:

    The last game that I played with multiple generations was Pinochle. An oldie, but goodie!

  5. Kelly Dircks says:

    My extended family gathered around the Thanksgiving table (after the meal and before the pie!) to play Telestrations. Everyone loved it!

  6. Randy K says:

    I played Tsuro of the Seas

  7. Michael Shea says:

    Mid 70s Maybe.

  8. Scotty B says:

    6 Nimmt! 3 Generations (Great Grandma, Grandma, Mom)

  9. Ryan Campbell says:

    A card game called 500 Bid

  10. Jason Mack says:

    Vye (the kickstarter card game… gorgeous card art)

  11. Brian R says:

    We played Roll For It…with 4 generations!

  12. Elizabeth Tarlow says:

    The last game we played all together as a family was Uno.

  13. Deanna McCoy says:


  14. Michelle Lee Mariorenzi says:


  15. Gabrielly says:

    We like to play Monopoly.

  16. rachael debates says:


  17. Edward Reinholtz says:

    I played the game called Left Right Center . It’s a 3 die game .

  18. carl says:

    wow-monopoly for us

  19. Donna L says:

    We played a game called Rummicube.

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