Devices for Streaming Netflix

Devices for Streaming Netflix


I’ve been a member of the Netflix Stream Team for a couple years now and am gearing up to start another year. As a participant, I receive loads of information about upcoming Netflix Originals, series updates, movies, documentaries and more. They have provided access to interviews with talent and even opened their doors to a visit to Netflix HQ while some of us were in San Jose for a conference.

So it seems logical that I would have all the scoop on the latest and greatest ways to get our Netflix fix, right? WRONG!

I was working on a project to showcase the features of the Nintendo 3DS XL when I discovered you can stream Netflix on it. What? How long has that been an option and how did we not know?

Technology is constantly changing and improving and so are the number of devices for streaming Netflix. There are probably some you don't realize! -

Then it dawned on me that I may not be alone. I was curious how other people streamed Netflix so I launched the question on Facebook. I suspected most would say they use their TV or an iPad, but the variety of devices listed floored me. My friends are pretty tech-diverse!

So let’s break it down. What are some devices for streaming Netflix so you can get your binge-watching fix?

Technology is constantly changing and improving and so are the number of devices for streaming Netflix. There are probably some you don't realize! -

Smart TVs

I kind of want to say “Duh”. But I won’t even though this is obvious. Pretty much all smart TV models have Netflix integration. There aren’t other devices required. Some examples of brands are Samsung (which also has a Domino’s app in case you didn’t realize it), Sony, Philips, Panasonic, LG, Sharp, Toshiba, Vizio, Sanyo and Hisense.

Streaming Media Players

Known by many as plug and play streaming sticks, there are two that stand out in the crowd: Chromecast and Roku. But there are other devices. Other brands of media players include Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Nexus Player and Nvidia Shield.

Gaming Consoles 

Whether you have an older TV or a SmartTV, most game consoles offer the ability to stream Netflix. The latest releases from the big three all offer it: Microsoft XBOX One, Nintendo WiiU and Sony PS4. But the prior generation of each also offers Netflix streaming capabilities: XBOX 360, Wii and PS3. Here are the sleepers though… did you know Nintendo 3DS and Sony PSVita are also options?

Set-top Boxes

Okay, it may seem a little more old school than streaming sticks, game consoles and smart TVs, but these are solid options if you have a pay TV provider. TiVo and Dish are the most noteworthy but Netflix is also available through multiple cable and pay TV providers. Ask yours if you don’t see Netflix as an option.

Home Theater Systems / Blu-ray Players

Personally, I find it kind of ironic that a Blu-ray player has Netflix capabilities, but you can get a whole lot more bang for your buck with a Netflix subscription than a single Blu-ray. Of course, if you want to watch something that isn’t available on Netflix then I guess that’s where your theater system comes into play. Brands of systems that offer Netflix include Funai, LG, Magnavox, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, Sharp, Sony and Toshiba.

Technology is constantly changing and improving and so are the number of devices for streaming Netflix. There are probably some you don't realize! -

Smart phones and Tablets

If you own a smart phone or a tablet, you’ll either find the Netflix app pre-installed or you can download it from the appropriate store. There isn’t a fee to download the app, but as with any other device previously mentioned, you do need a subscription. Apple devices, Amazon Fire, Many kids’ tablets as well as Kindle and Nook, which most people associate with being e-readers, are devices with the ability to stream Netflix.

Technology is constantly changing and improving and so are the number of devices for streaming Netflix. There are probably some you don't realize! -

Computers: PCs and Laptops

Very few of my friends mentioned it as their preferred way to stream Netflix, but it is an option. The most popular browsers allow you to watch Netflix using your computer.

So when you’re ready to binge-watch a Netflix Original Marvel show, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Stranger Things, a documentary, a movie or catch up on a series, there are plenty of devices for streaming Netflix.

Where there any that you were not aware of?

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14 comments on «Devices for Streaming Netflix»

  1. I wish we had Netflix sometimes. Looks like it has some good shows.

  2. Sparks says:

    We are a heavy tech country. Everything has a chip in it. People need their distractions and instant gratification. i’m not saying that Netflix is bad, but our society is more likely to watch a movie by themselves than take the family outside for a picnic, even if it is just in the front/back yard. People cannot walk a straight line they are so engrossed with their devices, they cannot even stay off of them long enough to drive, putting many other families at risk as well.

    1. Nicole says:

      You are absolutely correct that people get too involved in their electronic devices. That’s one of the reasons we share about board games so often. We find a balance between electronics and games – both of which can be used as family bonding time.

  3. Leah says:

    I absolutely love Netflix! I stream netflix on my upstairs TV with a Roku. Downstairs we use the Xbox.

  4. I love Netflix!! I have no idea how we survived before the days of Netflix, such a great way to watch movies!

  5. Heidi says:

    I stream Netflix from my TV, smart phone, DVD player and Kindle. Love Netflix!

  6. Great ideas! We stream Netflix on our Apple TV. Netflix is such a great way to catch up with favourite series or to watch movies.

  7. Rosey says:

    Say what?!? You can stream Netflix on your 3 DS XL???? Oh yes, I must tell my son. We didn’t know either, but I love it!

  8. Kathy Lane says:

    I use Netflix on my laptop.Me and my little grandson like to find a good movie and lay on the bed to watch.

  9. Catherine Lewis says:

    I have a Roku streamer that I won in a sweepstakes last year, so we have Netflix and I love it!

  10. Drew T says:

    With gaming systems aplenty in our house, smart TVs seem pointless. When we got a smaller TV for the bedroom, we just went a bit cheaper and got a Chromecast — it works perfectly, and if we ever need to replace the TV, the Chromecast can be easily moved to the next device.

  11. Scott Anthony says:

    Is there a device made in the last 10 years that doesn’t come bundled with a Netflix app? Some are better than others though. The Xbox and Roku Netflix players are probably the best I’ve seen. Most that come with Blu-Ray players have a poor interface.

  12. john kennedy says:

    Nice reviews..thanks

  13. Ritchie says:

    These information are good to know!

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