Mega Giveaway Day 43 – Last Mouse Lost

Mega Giveaway Day 43 – Last Mouse Lost

“Not a creature was stirring. Not even a mouse.” They aren’t stirring, they’re just lost! Last Mouse Lost is the Day 43 prize in our holiday giveaway! Featured in part two of our list of games for the family, this compact game will have you thinking how hard it is to outsmart your opponent in such a small space. Enter to win a copy of your own then check out the rest of our current giveaways! The first of our 44 days of giveaways are starting to close but there are still plenty to enter!

Thanks to FoxMind Games for providing the prize for today’s giveaway.

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18 comments on «Mega Giveaway Day 43 – Last Mouse Lost»

  1. Jeena says:

    Fun game for my grandkids..,

  2. Jeena Bittenbender says:

    Fun fun fun giveaway for my Grands..

  3. Elizabeth says:

    My best tip for catching a Mouse is having 2 cats like we do 🙂 Looks like a fun game…thanks so much!!

  4. The best way i have found to catch a mouse is put peanut butter on the trap

  5. Sandra U. says:

    My best tip for catching a mouse is getting a few mouse traps and a cat!

  6. Do not try to kick them. I broke my toe doing that.

  7. Lauren P says:

    Find a humane trap, and put some food in there. Then take it outside and let it go.

  8. Julie Lundstrom says:

    I use the traps that come down so I don’t have to see it. Just open and drop the mouse in the garbage. I use peanut butter and cheese to catch them.

  9. Nancy says:

    Hmmmm! My best tip for catching a mouse is to bait a humane trap, catch it, and release the poor mouse out in the woods.

  10. Charlene says:

    I don’t like killing things so I set up a trap made with a small box, a stick, some string, some peanut butter and a flat piece of cardboard. I tie the string to the stick, then I prop open the box with the stick. At this time I would carefully take the end of the string and stick it into some peanut butter, put it on the ground under the box. When the mouse takes the peanut butter the sting pulls the stick, knocking it down. Take the flat piece of cardboard carefully slide it under the box. You should now have the mouse inside the box. Lift up the flat piece of cardboard, holding the box steady through it all. take the box outside and let the mouse go. Now you’re both happy.

  11. Rammy M says:

    the power of cheese?

  12. Pam Flynn says:

    Let’s catch those mice and give them some cheese to make it easier.

  13. Mary Baker says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  14. Jeremy S says:

    Peanut butter is the best bait. Make sure if you use catch and release to take them far away from your home or they will be back.

  15. Rose Reeder says:

    I would get a big mouse trap with cheese in it but then have someone else take it out of the trap.

  16. Jennifer H. says:

    My best tip is peanut butter.

  17. John H. says:

    I gotta go with peanut butter.

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