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Let’s see… How many days is it until Christmas? I seriously need some help figuring it out because all I have are numbers like “Day 31 of 49” circling through my head. That’s because our holiday giveaway has been massive and it’s all I can think about. To complicate things a little further, today’s prize is 12 Days game thanks to Calliope Games! No it isn’t 12 days until Christmas yet (I don’t think), but it will be before we know it so why not get a head start?!  Enter to win 12 Days which was included in our list of games for the family. We’re excited to be giving one away. You’ll be able to feel festive all year long with this one!

Have you entered any other giveaways yet?

Gift Guide MEGA Giveaway – 12 Days

22 thoughts on “Mega Giveaway Day 31 – 12 Days Game

  1. Watching some fancily dressed lords leaping around would be entertaining. I am also a drummer so I of course like drummers drumming. Drum line is quiet fun.

  2. I love 8 maids a milking because I know how to milk a cow & taught my granddaughter how to milk one this summer.

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