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My emotions are always pretty close to the surface. Scott is always prepared with tissues and my girls roll their eyes at how even the simplest of things can trigger the waterworks. Even knowing the plot and results, I still get teary-eyed when watching kids’ movies like Pixar’s Inside Out. For that matter, I’m easily moved when I see something heart-warming take place in real life, on a video or television show.

Maybe I’m just getting soft in my old age. I think that’s it and a few weeks ago while shopping for back to school outfits at Kohl’s, it became quite obvious.

Back to school shopping at Kohl's. -

As I was helping Miss K select outfits in the children’s section, Scott had taken Miss M to hunt for clothing where older kids shop. My job was pretty simple because Miss K is fashionably self-sufficient. Miss M, on the other hand, is perfectly content just walking around in shorts and T-Shirts.

Or at least she WAS.

Not only do sizes change, but personalities and interests do as well! -

Seldom do I say that something takes my breath away, but this did. Scott texted me this photo and it stirred a ton of emotions. My laid-back, just want to be comfortable, who cares if I match daughter decided on an outfit that was positively stunning. It made her look all grown up. Yes, it made my eyes well up. I’ve discovered that I can no longer make assumptions about what she likes or wants. She’s starting junior high school and things are definitely changing. Since purchasing that outfit, she’s asked to wear it multiple times. One time, just because we were sitting around the house and she wanted to look nice while hanging out.

Kohl's offers a variety of fashionable clothing for all ages. - Sometimes the right pair of jeans completes the outfit. - SahmReviews.comDenim shorts and a casual shirt. Very stylish! -
That’s one of the things I love about shopping at Kohl’s. While some stores at the mall pigeon hole kids into certain fashion trends, Kohl’s offered both my girls a variety of options – from maxi skirts to Disney Descendants apparel to workout gear. I shouldn’t have been surprised when we returned to Kohl’s last week for more back to school outfits and she picked out a convertible dress/skirt.

Need a new backpack? Good selection of styles at Kohl's. -

While we were there, I took a few minutes to walk around and really survey the other back to school items they offer, including backpacks and an entire “Dormward Bound” section.

Mmmm.... coffee. New Keurig designs are colorful! -

Of course, Keurig has a place in any dorm room (or at home for those of us coping with the early hours of junior high.) There’s a little something for everyone.

As you know, we’re thrift shoppers so we utilize Kohl’s rewards program and always take advantage of their latest promotions as well as their price guarantees. One lucky reader is going to benefit from our love of Kohl’s as the recipient of a $100 Kohl’s gift card! Entry is easy and you can enter daily!

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What is your favorite thing about Kohl’s?

205 thoughts on “Back to School With a New Style

  1. I’m a huge fan of back to school shopping at Kohl’s! Seriously I adore their clothes for my kids so much. And I always save a ton of money with their coupon codes. And I Love the kohl’s cash!!

  2. I don’t blame you for getting teary about that, I would probably too! It’s milestones in their lives and they are growing up! Great outfit from Kohl’s though!

  3. Love Kohls and their sales. It’s our go to store for all back to school needs!
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  4. My favorite thing about Kohl’s is all the savings opportunities with Kohl’s cash, sales coupons etc

  5. My favorite thing about Kohl’s is that they dare to be different. The selection, styles and colors through many departments is never boring.

  6. My favorite thing about Kohl’s is that the Kohl’s staff members seem to want to help a customer, unlike some other stores to which I’ve been

  7. Leave a comment with your favorite thing about Kohl’s.

    just bought a coffee machine from there..i love it

  8. Kohl’s carries mostly good quality merchandise. Their prices are fair, and even more so when you play the coupon/rewards game. Unfortunately, playing the game results in spending more money!!!

  9. I love Kohl’s. I know what you mean about girls. At anytime they can change and care what their image is.

  10. My favorite thing about Kohls is the selection and prices. I love that you can use coupons too to get the best deal.

  11. I love kohl’s between kohls cash and sales. They also have good customer service and carry good brands.

  12. I love Kohl’s because they not only have an awesome clearance clothing section that my teen daughter and I love shopping in but they have other items like school supplies,home decor,and bedding everything in one place, I love it!

  13. I love the Kohls Cares for Kids program. I always buy a set of books and sometimes the toys for my nieces and nephews (and honestly sometimes I buy a set of the books for myself too!). I love that the money goes to a good cause and the books are classics that every kid should have in his or her library anyway.

  14. I love that I can always find a complete outfit at Kohl’s including accessories and never have to worry about breaking the bank!

  15. I love the stylish clothes, etc. and great prices. Also, the Kohl’s cash and I think they have the best return policy of any store.

  16. My favorite thing about Kohl’s is that they have great sales and everything they sell is quality merchandise.

  17. I have actually never shopped at a Kohls but a new one opened about 1 hour away so I will have to check them out.

  18. i’ve always had great experiences with customer service. it’s always a great value and great quality. you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. you get them both. it’s always conveniently located.

  19. My favorite is the kids clothing. I love shopping for my granddaughter’s and they always have a large selection of adorable clothing and shoes for the girls 🙂

  20. What’s not to love? They have great selection, fantastic sales, plus they allow you to pile on the coupons and Kohl’s cash! I always end up saving more than I spend!

  21. I am probably the only person in my tri state area to never have shopped at kohl’s.. but heard that their clothing selection is great. I love what I see online, so I am looking forward to taking a trip out there 😀

  22. I really like the variety you can find at Kohl’s in addition to the great prices. So many great brands at affordable prices.

  23. There are several things I love about Kohl’s – their low prices, great selection of products, $10 off each $50 purchase (Kohl’s Dollars), easy return/exchange policy, etc., etc…

  24. I love the clean look, sales, % off coupons that I receive via mail and email and I love that they carry my favorite brand of shoes (Skechers).

  25. Kohls has great brand names for a lot less money than big, fancy department stores. I love their selection and prices.

  26. I love their selection of clothing! Plus they offer Kohl’s Cash and Coupons so the savings really add up in my purse too!

  27. My favorite jeans are Gloria Vanderblit and Kohl’s is one of the few places that carries them! My teen can always find a variety of clothing, which is impressive, as she’s a picky dresser!

  28. I love that around Christmas Kohls usually has several appliances that end up being FREE after the mail-in rebate. We have gotten griddles, waffle irons, rice cookers and more absolutely FREE!!!!

  29. My favorite thing about Kohl’s is their deals! Deals upon deals. Their clearance is the best and when they stack 30% off with Kohl’s cash, ooh boy!

  30. There are two things that I really like about Kohl’s. The first is the affordable prices; it really helps with a tight budget. The second thing is there are always so many things that I see there that I fall in love with.

  31. My favorite thing about Kohl’s are the discount coupons they release all the time. I also won’t buy my shoes from anywhere else.

  32. My favorite thing about Kohls is the wide variety of stuff they have, not just clothes. They seriously have something for everyone! I love the quality of their kids and baby clothes as well, they last forever!

  33. I love Kohl’s prices and their kids clothing. They have great sales and the kids love that they have all the latest trends like “Star Wars” “Minecraft” etc.

  34. I love their selection of styles. They have such a wide variety of merchndise and you can count on some really good sales that they pass our way. I love them.

  35. My favorite thing about Kohl’s is that they send me a $10 card every couple of months and I can always find something.
    Thanks for the contest.

  36. I like that they usually have pretty good sales. I also like that they carry clothes that my teenage daughter would actually wear. She is so hard to please so this is huge for us. Thank you!

  37. My favorite thing about Kohl’s is their coupons – like the $10 off a $30 purchase. Also, I love that they let you combine percent off coupons with the dollar off coupons. It really helps the savings add up.

  38. My favorite thing about Kohl’s is their great sales. I can get such great deals on cute things for my family and I.

  39. My favorite thing about Kohl’s are their clearance racks! I love the 70% and 80% off racks! I have 10 grandchildren, so I always buy sizes ahead of the next season.

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