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Sometimes there just isn't time for a sit-down dinner. -


As much as I enjoy sitting down to family dinners filled with perfectly cooked chicken, kid-friendly vegetables and Plantation Salad, it isn’t always possible with active kids. We’re constantly on the go between activities and events. More often than not lately we have resorted to less than ideal meals. As an example, last Thursday at 4:30 when Miss K hopped into the van after Lego Robotics practice, I immediately handed her a sandwich. That was what she needed to eat as we drove to symphony practice that started at 5:30. She wouldn’t be home again until 7:30 pm.

What are you putting in your grocery cart for busy schedules? -

Thursdays are difficult and a sandwich in the car is really her only option. Other nights are a different story. The girls are usually at home, but we need to grab something quick before heading to the next activity. Does it make me a bad mom if I admit that sandwiches and canned pasta are the fall-back. The girls often have sandwiches for lunch so offering them another for dinner is less than ideal. I’m always looking for new options but we haven’t found one that has been a hit. I was thrilled to find some time-sensitive breakfast options, but until a few days ago, I hadn’t dialed in to new quick dinner alternatives. That’s when we picked up a few single serving packages of Stouffer’s Mac & Cheese. Given the choice, the kids would eat macaroni and cheese every day. They recently learned to make it on their own, too. This quicker version of one of their favorite comfort foods sounded like a hit to all of us. Not only is it quick but they can also make it themselves in the microwave. As a bonus, the flavor options are much more sophisticated than the box they have been eating. The Stouffer’s flavors are akin to something homemade! They are made from quality ingredients like cheddar or mozzarella with pasta that is freshly made with two simple ingredients – flour and water.

You can pop Stouffer's Mac & Cheese in the microwave or prepare it in a conventional oven. - Stouffer's new line of Mac & Cheese includes a Garlic Parmesan variety! - SahmReviews.comThe comfort food that is cooked in someone else's kitchen. -

Track season will be starting next week and our already hectic schedule will only get busier. The girls are at an age where their bodies are naturally craving more calories, but a few hours of hard-core workout multiple times per week makes their need for food even stronger. Yes, family meals are ideal, but sometimes we have to improvise. Stouffer’s Single Serve Mac & Cheese offers a quick carb-loading option. We can meal-ify it by grabbing some ham or chicken to mix in or eat on the side. The Stouffer’s Mac & Cheese single serve packages are available in Garlic Parmesan Mac & Cheese as well as White Cheddar Mac & Cheese. We love garlic so it didn’t surprise me that both girls wanted to try the Garlic Parmesan variety first.

Our kids loved the new Stouffer's Mac & Cheese. (So did we!) -

So the big question is… what did the girls think of it? Because, honestly, it doesn’t matter what the price, the quality of the ingredients or how fresh the pasta is if they don’t like the taste. You know what? They loved it. Actually, so did I. We all tried it and thought it was worth stocking for something that can be made quickly in-between activities. Scott summed it up best when he said “For something cooked in the microwave, this is pretty good.” If I hadn’t watched Miss M make it, I wouldn’t have believed it came from a box in the freezer.

We’ll be buying this again… but next time I’m buying some to stash away for me!

You can find out what other comfort foods Stouffer’s has in their lineup by visiting their website or connecting with them on Facebook or Twitter.

What is your favorite food for busy schedules?

31 thoughts on “Comfort Food Made Easy (and Fast)

  1. OMG I grew up on Stouffers!! I love their Mac and cheese! This posts brings back good memories! Plus Stouffers is affordable and always has coupons in the Sunday papers!

  2. My daughter isn’t at that age yet. But I have many friends who go through this with their children. I know one working mom who used to bring their dinner to the office, dish it out and then heat it up before leaving work to go and pick up the kids. It was really time consuming for her, but a much cheaper option given our geographical region. In Trinidad you REALLY REALLY pay for conveniences like Stouffer’s I’ve actually bought it as a treat for Sunday lunch!

  3. We don’t do much packaged/pre-made food…yet! My girls are still young and their schedules still allow for me to have time to cook myself (which I enjoy), but I imagine it’s only a matter of a few years before that story changes! I used to love Stouffers as a kid 🙂

  4. Mac and cheese is a favorite with my teens…and definitely a nice way to fill them up!

  5. I love garlic and Parmesan cheese. Mac and cheese is definitely a comfort food in our house. I do usually make it when my day has been hectic, and I don’t have enough time to make dinner. It’s quick and it’s easy.

  6. My two younger kids love mac and cheese. I may have to see if they would like these for those times when everyone is on the go and we aren’t able to sit down as a family.

  7. Stouffer’s does make such good macaroni and cheese. I am loving the new flavors. The sandwich between events sounds familiar. 😉

  8. My son is all about Mac and Cheese. I trust Stouffer’s to make sure my son get only good stuff when going for quick. You girls are beautiful and make great models.

  9. I am not gonna lie I am not the biggest fan of pre-packaged food but this actually looks good! Parmesan Mac & Cheese looks really tasty!

  10. My family’s comfort food is grilled cheese sandwiches with turkey. It’s quick and with a salad it fills them up.

  11. Mom used to make Spam and Mac & Cheese (not mixed together). I didn’t know enough to turn my nose up such simple fare because I was a kid and liked things that taste good. So yes Mac & Cheese is a good comfort food. Thanks for the insights.

  12. Stouffer’s is actually super good. Whenever we make dinner we make extra so we have leftovers. That way when we don’t have time to cook we still have good, nukable food.

  13. I love Stouffer’s regular mac and cheese, but I’ve yet to see this interesting flavor in my nearby stores. Gonna have to hit the grocer and see if it can be special ordered.

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