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I’m not sure why or where the obsession came from, but I have this thing about tote bags. The problem goes way back because I still have a few of the bags that I acquired when I was just a child. One is yellow with a giant Goofy on the front that is stashed with my childhood keepsakes. Another, a Coca-Cola tote bag that I picked up while at business camp when I was in high school, has been the receptacle of my crochet projects for as long as I can remember. I pick them up at conventions, conferences, trade shows or even at the minor league ball park on promotion night. Who knows where else I discover them but let’s just say that it’s a challenge for me to part with them. They all have a purpose.

Please tell me I'm not the only one who hoards tote bags? -

A few years ago after returning from BlogHer, I remember making a huge stack of the various ones that had been given to me for toting around exhibitors’ swag. Considering I already have more than I could ever possibly need, I reluctantly gave almost all of them to a neighbor who said she would put them to good use. Cute ones with pockets, insulated ones or heavy-duty bags that could handle hefty objects stayed in my collection. They all have a purpose.

Gym, sporting events, grocery stores, book sales, travel or simply to help me keep some semblance of organization a midst the rest of my piles of clutter; whatever I do in my life, chances are I have a tote bag within reach. They all have a purpose.

Sometimes, I even find some that I want to buy. Specialty bags or a backpack for carrying technology, gym gear or even my lunch all fall into the category of things I discover and purchase. My latest find is from an unlikely place: Best Buy. And boy, oh boy, does this one have a purpose!

Throw it all in a bag and go. All in ONE bag! - #Modal

The Modal Concept Tote has efficiency and effectiveness in mind. Designed to be used for both office and gym, it multi-tasks like no other! With specialized compartments for the variety of things you do all day, this bag could easily take the place of several.

Headed to the gym? The Modal Concept Tote holds your yoga mat in addition to many other important items. - #Modal

So many women have to juggle schedules to get everything done in the limited 24 hours that Mother Nature provides each day. The Modal Concept Tote includes compartments for electronics, fitness and everyday items someone would keep in their purse. There are even straps designed to hold a yoga mat or towel. Oh, and did I mention that it is waterproof on top of all the other things it does? It is. This bag doesn’t have a purpose. It has LOTS of purposes!

Padded technology compartments in a gym bag? YES! From work to gym without restocking. - #Modal

As someone who is perfectly content owning a multitude of bags each with a specific function, the diversity of the Modal Concept Tote truly impresses me. Let me break it down for you in a little more detail. There’s a padded compartment for Laptop storage as well as a separate compartment that fits an iPad. Yes, both. Because some of us are geeky enough to carry both. There are additional pockets available for a cell phone and writing instruments and even a hook for keys. An inset zipper compartment provides a secure place for additional valuables such as a wallet. Even those pockets have a purpose.

The designer of the Modal Concept Tote thought of everything. Even included a heat-sensitive compartment for hair styling tools. -

Of course, if hitting the gym before work translates to the need for additional readiness items. A towel, makeup and hair styling tools are pretty common. This bag offers a thermo pocket that can withstand the heat of a warm curling iron. No need to wait for it to completely cool down! The bottom of the entire bag is heavy duty and moisture resistant to store workout clothes, including shoes. Don’t worry, it’s vented to promote air circulation. Air holes with a purpose.

The snap feature on the Modal Concept Tote will have you asking yourself "Why didn't someone think of this sooner?" -

I think what amazes me most about this bag is the attention to the details. As an example, there is snap pocket on the same side of the bag as the laptop. Rather than needing to reach in behind the laptop to help secure the snap (and certainly so you don’t have to press AGAINST the laptop), the designer added a loop to get behind the snap for securing it. Such a simple idea with such a unique purpose.

You can order it online and receive free shipping on orders of $35. Prefer to have it in-hand a little quicker? Place the order through the website but request in-store pickup. It will be available in as little as 45 minutes from the time the order was placed! Mother’s Day is just around the corner and the Modal Concept Tote would make a great gift for moms who is constantly on the go or for any woman who finds herself carrying around multiple bags for multiple purposes.

What is your favorite feature about this tote bag?

19 thoughts on “The Tote Bag that Multi-Tasks

  1. Ok, so you had me at ‘obsession’ and ‘tote bag.’ I’m right there with you. But I squealed like a kid at this bag! Waterproof and a place for my sneakers? And the design is so pretty. Must. Have. This. TODAY!

  2. Great little bag. I’ve collected many from overseas over the years but they sit in the cupboard unused. One I bought in Cyprus is too good to waste with it’s woven sides and leather top. I should give it away too.

  3. This bag is such a convenient way to travel. I love the colors, size, and the compact ability this tote has!

  4. Oo! I really like the look of this! Nice handy compartments for everything you need, and a yoga mat!
    The real test, does it comply with fussy budget airline carryon regulations!

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