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It was only a matter of time before it happened. Miss K called me into her room the other day to give me the news. “Mom, I think I’m ready for a pet.” Her sister got a parakeet for her birthday last year but only after she completed reading a book about parakeets and committed to being responsible for the bird’s care. Whether Miss K was going to ask for a bird like her sister did, or something from the rodent family like the neighbors had, I wasn’t sure. I cautiously asked what type of pet then braced myself for the announcement.

“A dog.”

*Sigh* While I have no doubt she can be responsible for the care of a dog while she is at home, I’m not ready for the responsibility when she’s not home. It has been a few years since our dogs passed on but I still grieve. I miss them terribly. I told her that I thought she would be great. I knew she would take care of it. Feed it. Walk it. Clean up after it. When she is home. Unfortunately, she goes to school all day and often has activities after school. We go places, travel, go to the movies, run errands. A bird or rodent is in a cage. A dog… is not.

We talked for a bit and I told her a dog is a family responsibility and it isn’t something we’re ready for right now. This didn’t come on the heels of her latest animal shelter donation so I asked her why she wanted a dog. Her answer surprised me. “You and Dad have work all the time. (Miss M) plays video games and I don’t like those. I just want something to play with when everyone else is busy.”

Even digital pets need to be bathed! - #PetzBeach

Not that I’m encouraging video games over human/animal interaction, but in this case this solution can help a little. Video games aren’t her first choice of play, however when I gave her Petz Beach for Nintendo 3DS, she sat down and gleefully created a pet for herself.

So you’re probably asking yourself what exactly Petz Beach is. Well, it’s an interactive world where the user creates a pet of their choice (28 breeds of dog, 6 breeds of cat and a variety of ocean-themed animals, including polar bears!) After that, they explore the world, visit friends houses, participate in activities and perform quests.

Interact with other characters and other pets in #PetzBeach for 3DS. -

Quests are a variety of activities. Sometimes it is as simple as delivering a package. Other times it involves teaching the pet tricks or caring for them. When a quest is completed, the person who assigned the task gives the pet owner some kind of reward. Sometimes it’s a gift for the pet or the home, sometimes the rewards are coins that can be used to buy new pets, accessories, clothes, food/water or other things needed to maintain the health and happiness of the pet.

Go shopping for your pet. - #PetzBeach

It isn’t all quest-based though. Other activities involve everyday care like feeding, bathing and walking the pet. Pull up the world map and find places or people. Navigate the way there and engage in a conversation or go shopping. As the game progresses, additional activities and areas open up. As an example, there may be a new home or neighbor/friend to visit or interact with.

Ubisoft #PetzBeach incorporates fun and educational facts from Encyclopedia Britannica Kids. -

Of course, when educational materials are wrapped into a game, kids don’t even realize they are learning while they play. Petz Beach incorporates a variety of animal, plant and insect facts from Encyclopedia Britannica. These little tidbits of information pop up as different pages are loading. That’s much better than seeing a screen that says “Loading”!

Petz Beach offers kids (and adults) a little escape from the real world and into a digital world revolving around pets. If you’re ready to add a real pet to your family, stop by your local animal shelter. If you’re like me and need to opt for a digital one, you can pick up Petz Beach on Amazon. As an alternative, Petz Countryside is also available.

What kind of pet is part of your family?

Want a pet but not ready for a real one? #PetzBeach for Nintendo 3DS is a great option! -

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16 thoughts on “A Digital Pet is an Option

  1. I think my daughter would really like having something like this because we don’t want any pets (her dad and I). Pets are just too hard, we had a dog and when he passed it was so hard that we decided no more for awhile. I think this would be a good distraction from the real thing for her.

  2. My daughter would LOVE this! she is into littlest pet shop, stuffed toys, any games or books that have dogs or cats in them! This would be right up high on her list of awesome, im sure!

  3. Thanks Sahm Reviews I now have a cheaper alternative to the pet puppy my boys want for the holidays. What a great game and it will keep them quiet for some time. Thanks again for sharing and sparing my wallet as well. 🙂

  4. This is a great alternative for those who have allergies. All the benefits of a pup without the cost. lol I wish these were the only kind of pets we had some days! lol

  5. I’d like a pup but hubby says nuh uh, so that’s probably not going to happen any time soon, if ever. We got our youngest Zoomer the robot dog. He’s temporarily satisfied. 😉 My kids have played the Petz games and like them.

  6. My nephew wants a pet so bad like me, (I have a cat and a dwarf hamster) but my sister doesn’t want to get him one yet because he’s only 4 and not quite old enough to care for a pet. So for Christmas I am getting him a Little Live Pets Bird. It comes with a bird that repeats what you say and acts like a real bird! It also has a cage and pretend food. This is the perfect way for him to get some “pet practice” until he’s old enough for a real pet

  7. I love how you can complete various activities, earn new pets, clothes, and other rewards. Awesome game for my kids, they would really love playing this. And it’s educational, as a parent I love that.

  8. My kids love having digital pets. They are NOT anywhere near ready for a real pet and this is a fun way to get the idea of all the thing a pet really needs. We do have a family dog though. My kids would love this game.

  9. We have a cat, but I think my daughter would have more fun playing with these fun digital pets… And it would be easier on me for the clean up too!

  10. Oh this has gone over big in my house. I’ve three girls and they all love to show off their digital pets to one another. Very nice. Thanks.

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