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If there’s one thing I’m sure of, it’s that there is no shortage of Bluetooth speaker options on the market. Whether you’re looking for a multi-room home solution or a portable set for on-the-go, there is something out there for you. But what if your prone-to-break-stuff kids want something to blast their latest Kidz Bop purchase while playing outside? There is a solution for that also – Jambanz.

Not a product you’re going to find at your local electronics retailer, Jambanz encourages you to “Lose the Headphones” by putting your music on your wrist. In what can only be described as a marriage of speaker technology and slap bracelets (remember those?), Jambanz is obviously targeted towards a younger, probably preteen demographic.

When you need something for the kids to listen to their music, but don't want to trust them with your device, Jambanz bridges the audio gap! - SahmReviews.com

The bracelet design allows for easy wearing and secure positioning, even while grooving to cranked-up pop music. Do not expect a wide audio range from this single-speaker product, it acts more like a larger version of your phone speaker. The audio is very clear, but this shouldn’t be considered an audiophile product. Connection via Bluetooth is as simple as it should be, and battery life appears to be more than plentiful.

When you need something for the kids to listen to their music, but don't want to trust them with your device, Jambanz bridges the audio gap! - SahmReviews.com

Power and volume controls are conveniently placed on opposite sides and are responsive. The sealed button design prevents sweat from migrating into the speaker, a nice design element. Recharging is easy via any USB port or USB wall adapter (not included).

When you need something for the kids to listen to their music, but don't want to trust them with your device, Jambanz bridges the audio gap! - SahmReviews.com

I previously mentioned that the straps stay secure on the wrist, and we did put them through their paces, subjecting them to a few rounds of cartwheels and miscellaneous gymnastics. As we got to the typical Bluetooth range limit there was some dropout, but this is a limitation of the Bluetooth specification and not of the Jambanz themselves. While in range, connection remained strong with no dropouts noticed.

If you have little ones that love to dance, but you’re afraid to just hand them your phone/iPad/iPod/etc., then Jambanz will be a great solution for letting them enjoy their music without the fear of breaking your device. You can purchase your own set directly from Jambanz or on Amazon for under $30. Each order includes one Jambanz slap bracelet the color of your choice, one Jambanz micro Bluetooth speaker and a micro USB to USB charging cable.

And if you’re interested in learning more about the inventor behind Jambanz, check out the links on their Facebook or Twitter pages and watch this great CBS interview to also see how Jambanz can protect your kids when out and about!

47 thoughts on “Speaker Solution for Your Active Kids

  1. This is a well detailed review for this gadget. It really suits the age group you mentioned but I think I can also use it-(adult) for my aerobics, or even for my walks.

  2. Pretty cool and colorful! But, I have to admit I am a bit confused. If kids are playing outside – do they really need to be listening to music? If they are dancing – what happened to “shared” speakers? And, if every person is listening to something else – doesn’t it get a bit noisy? I get the feeling sometimes, Scott, that new gadgets come onto the market so that there is something new to sell – not because they actually solve a problem or serve a purpose. SOOO much energy that could be invested in more meaningful ventures.
    THANKS for sharing! I love learning about things that are definitely beyond me …
    HUGS <3

  3. My boys would go crazy for this. I will think about this being a great stocking stuffer. Thanks for sharing. I think I would take it from them, it looks like so much fun

  4. I know my big kids would love those speakers. I got my husband their speakers for the house, but it’s not his birthday until next week so I’m dying to try them out.

  5. What a great idea. Technology is advancing so fast. A few years ago, I wrote a book set in 2027. By the time I finish editing and get it published, what’s happening now will have overtaken my ideas.

  6. My preteen would love this. I wish I had known about them last week. They would have been the prefect birthday present for her friend in the right price range. Next friend gift for sure.

  7. I love that the kids can be active and listen to their music. I like too that the sound remains strong until you step out of range. That is NOT always the case w/every speaker, but it is a driving factor for making a purchase (high quality). Thanks for the cool review. This is a great thing to keep in mind for holiday shopping.

  8. How fun! I can picture my girls now dancing everywhere while wearing these. Such a fun little gadget and a fun way to introduce younger ones to tech.

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