Dear Wrinkles, You Aren’t Welcome Here

It's a simple fact of life... we age. Finding things that help the process is key! -


Have you ever done something that you should be really proud of but manage to deflate it with your own self-criticism? Last year, I assisted the McDonald’s PR team by contributing to a video to publicize a Happy Meal reading initiative. Only a handful of bloggers were asked to help and I was one of them. I was super proud and very excited.

Except for one thing… I couldn’t get past all my wrinkles. While my husband said they are expression lines, I see them as age lines. I hate it. As I explained when I shared about essential oils, I’m not a fan of looking older.

Wrinkles are a fact of life so using anti-aging products is important! See what started using.

I have always been very cautious about my skin, using minimal amounts of makeup and sunscreen whenever venturing outside. Unfortunately, I’m sill seeing signs of age. Maybe it’s because, you know, I’m getting older. Anti-aging products have been around for a while but even before that, I didn’t give much thought to how well my skin was aging. Wish I knew then what I know now…

Recently I received a sample of Ageless Derma Anit-Wrinkle Cream and was cautiously optimistic and cautiously skeptical. When it comes to miracle-in-a-bottle type products, I always am. Using the product daily underneath my makeup, I gradually noticed a change in my skin. Aside from feeling more hydrated, it seemed like the wrinkles weren’t as prominent. Actually, just a few days ago Miss K said “Mom, whatever you’re using for your wrinkles is WORKING!”

My intention was to show before and after pictures but I’m not a professional photographer and that just wasn’t happening. Trust me when I say that I noticed a change… and I’m my biggest critic. My skin feels softer and the wrinkles aren’t as defined. Even when I furrow my brow, I don’t notice them as much as I used to. If there’s something that can deplete your excitement about something fantastic, then it’s worth addressing.

If you’re open to the idea of trying anti-aging products, check out Ageless Derma. You can visit their website or follow theme on Facebook and Twitter.

22 thoughts on “Dear Wrinkles, You Aren’t Welcome Here

  1. I’m really noticing more wrinkles making an appearance the last few years. It’s good to know that this helps.

  2. I’ve just recently started using sunscreen and moisturizer. I’ve always had great skin but ever since I hit my mid 30’s…ugh.

  3. I’ve been seeing more wrinkles and lines on my face than I’m willing to admit are there. It is really hard for me to admit I”m getting older. I’d love to try some of this cream out and see if it can help me look more like the age I feel.

  4. I have started to notice my own “expression lines.” I need to try this product and see if I notice a difference like you did.

  5. I am not noticing wrinkles yet, but I know that I need to be aware of my skin right now. And be careful to treat it nice for the future!

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