Natural Healing with Essential Oils

Healing Natural Oils are a safe treatment for a variety of ailments. -

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The other day I celebrated my 44th birthday. Yes, 44. Most of the time, I don’t feel 44 because I exercise regularly and try to make healthy food choices. Some people say that I don’t look 44 but that’s because they see me when my makeup is finished, my hair is styled (and colored) and everything unsightly is covered up. From a young age, I knew that I would probably have some curvature to my figure because that is a common characteristic on both sides of my family. Unfortunately, I developed fast and have been graced with unwelcome stretch marks since puberty.

Okay, that’s not really fair. I’m sure that some of those original stretch marks faded and were replaced with new ones from years of up and down weight change. Regardless of how I acquired them, my body has more than its share of glistening lines.

As for the weight change, I spent more than a few years at a BMI (body mass index) classified as obese based on my height. Little did I know that it would leave me with varicose and spider veins. When I look at my legs, I feel like they belong to an 80 year old. I have a Remington I-Light Pro that is difficult to use in those areas because they are so tender.

While cosmetic treatments are available for my ailments, until I’m at my goal weight I don’t want to consider anything like that. I have friends who are into homeopathy and swear by healing natural oils so I decided to give those a shot.

Healing Natural Oils are a safe treatment for a variety of ailments. -

I’m a rookie to this type of product so I wasn’t sure how to use them or what to expect. When they arrived, I read the instructions on how to apply them and how often. For the first several uses, I struggled to get the oil out of the bottle! H-Stretch Marks Formula was clear with a fragrance that reminds me of a visit to the spa while the H-Varicose Veins had a blue hue to it and smelled like a visit to the farmer’s market.

Healing Natural Oils are simple and safe to use. -

After regularly using the oils for a few weeks, I noticed a few things. The aromas stay with you like a perfume but I found them to be soothing and comforting. While the appearance of the varicose veins didn’t change dramatically, I didn’t expect them to since I had just started using them. However, just a few days ago, I used my Remington I-Light Pro and for the first time, didn’t experience any discomfort in those areas. That leads me to believe that Healing Natural Oils for Varicose Veins DOES have positive effects. I’m sure with long-term use of it, I’ll see even more improvement. With the Stretch Marks Formula, I applied it to one hip but not the other in addition to on my abdomen. By comparing my hips, I noticed degradation of the “glistening” that accompanies stretch marks. Once again, longer term usage will likely yield better results.

Healing Natural OilsDespite this being my first time using natural oils, it won’t be my last. If you have medical concerns that you’re looking for alternative treatments for, I encourage you to check out Amoils where you can save 25% on the purchase of powerful Amoils Bundle Packs. They stand behind their product with a 90-day guarantee so if you aren’t happy with the results, you aren’t out anything!

Have you ever used healing oils?

Healing Natural Oils are a safe treatment for a variety of ailments. - #Amoils

41 thoughts on “Natural Healing with Essential Oils

  1. I’ve never actually used any type of essential oil. I have heard there are great benefits especially for skin care. Now that I am getting older I am always looking for something to help the problem areas!

  2. I have lavender, orange and tea tree oil here at the house. I use one for cleaning, one for scent and one for healing! Love essential oils.

  3. I haven’t used healing oils, but I have to say I’ve been really intrigued with the idea. Seems worth a shot! Thanks for sharing your detailed experience with these, they sound very promising for long term use!

  4. I have friends at work who swear by essential oils and even carry little vials with them and rub it on pressure points during the day. I love the smell of lavender – so I’d start with that.

  5. Lately it seems like I am hearing a lot about the benefits of essential oils. It’s something I would like to further explore.

  6. Belated happy bday Nicole. Haven’t really tried any kind of essential oils but your post makes me want to try them especially when they can help stretch marks. Off to check it out!

  7. One of my coworkers has been using essential oils for a variety of things and swears by them. I’ve just started trying them to ease my headaches and I feel that they do some good for me. I love the idea of less medication and a more natural treatment.

  8. I just ordered my first box of essential oils because I am trying to take a more ‘natural’ route to my families health care, and illnesses. I still have a lot to learn!

  9. I haven’t used essential oils yet, but I make & take my own super tonic that keeps illness at bay. Love that stuff. need to research oils a bit more.

  10. Essential oils smell really good! “Smelled like a visit to a Farmer’s Market” – very descriptive because I know that smell and it makes me think of shopping for perfume from an artisan stall! I know what you mean about the stretch marks that accompany weight gain and loss.

  11. I really love the essential oils and i Use them in everyday life. They are also good for alternative treatments for kids who do not like taking pills. For instance when my kids have a head i rub some peppermint or rosemary on their temples and the back of neck . The good thing about doterra essential oils you can take them internally as well as topical or aromatic. Love, Love, Love, them.

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