Don’t Be Stubborn About Skin Care


Let’s talk about beauty for a minute. No. Let’s talk about being stubborn. That’s probably a more appropriate subject for this discussion because in all reality, that’s what it’s all about. I’m a pretty low maintenance kind of person. (No comments from the peanut gallery!) I’ve never been one to go all out on myself with hair or makeup. My choice in makeup is very simple and I’m happiest when my hair cooperates with just a leave-in conditioner. I refused to color my hair until my youngest daughter was learning her colors and went around the room telling everyone the color of their hair. Upon arriving at mine, she said “white”. In other words, I like things simple and prefer to just keep my routines the same as they have always been.

Which brings us back to the subject of beauty. And being stubborn. Low maintenance has really always meant no-maintenance to me. Whether it was just because I was lazy or I refused to admit that I should take care of myself, I had my ways and pretty much stuck to them. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that taking care of yourself isn’t really classified as high-maintenance. It’s just necessary. Oh, and it’s easy.

Case in point. Skin care. I used to get out of the shower, dry off, towel dry my hair, add leave-in conditioner, get dressed and add a little makeup. I made some changes and now utilize various creams and serums which take all of 2.3 seconds (yeah, that’s just a random approximation) to apply.

When something takes so little effort, there is no reason to avoid it. -

I’ve tried quite a few different types of products and have discovered only small nuances in how they are different – typically scent and pricing. My latest Vitamin C serum is by New Radiance Naturals. I’ll get back to the scent in a minute but when it comes to price, I consider it very affordable. Only a small amount is necessary so a 1 oz bottle lasts for several uses.

Dispensing New Radiance Naturals is easy with the eye dropper that's built into the lid. -

Similar to the essential oils, the bottles of New Radiance Naturals are designed to control the amount of product dispensed. In this case, each bottle contains an eye-dropper lid that allows for control of how much comes out of the bottle. A small amount about the size of a dime is enough to cover my entire face and neck. As I’ve mentioned before, I have sensitive skin but have yet to encounter a Vitamin C serum that has caused a reaction. That used to be my biggest concern (or excuse) for not trying different products but I’m learning that most companies have return policies for just this type of issue. New Radiance Naturals offers a money back guarantee: “We back our products up with a 365 Day, No Questions Asked, Money-Back Guarantee because we want you to experience our products, and enjoy lasting beauty and new radiance. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, simply contact us and we will give you a full refund. No questions asked.”

The ingredients say a lot about New Radiance Naturals. The "Made in the USA" label says the rest. -

New Radiance Naturals Vitamin C serum applies easily and dries quickly. After it dries, apply your moisturizer of choice then go about your normal makeup regimen. The texture and application of it are pretty similar to other products I’ve used. As promised, I’m circling back around to talk about the scent. I’ll be honest and say that I’m not particularly a fan. When I use Vitamin C products, my brain says it should smell like oranges, not witch hazel. Unfortunately, I’ve yet to find one that smells like I want it to. So it isn’t really a problem with the fragrance as much as an over-expectation I have of this type of product. The good part is that it isn’t pungent nor does is linger. The only time I notice the scent is when I make of point of sniffing it. In other words, it doesn’t smell like citrus but it isn’t strong nor intrusive.

One of my favorite things about New Radiance Naturals Vitamin C serum is that the ingredients are 98% Natural and 72% Organic. As a total bonus, it is made in the USA.

If you’re using a Vitamin C serum, this one is worth trying and comparing to your current one. If you’re being too stubborn and aren’t taking care of your skin… knock it off. It’s easy to give it a little extra TLC.

What is your favorite trick for taking care of your skin?

24 thoughts on “Don’t Be Stubborn About Skin Care

  1. I have heard Vitamin C is so important for skin care. I once had a facial and the skin line they used had a lot of Vitamin C in it and my face was radiant for days!

  2. Who does not have time for one extra step, love that it is so quick and easy. I will definitely check this out – hopefully it will get rid of the lines that are starting to form.

  3. Yeah I’m stubborn! I will be 65 this year and thankfully (knock on wood)-no visible wrinkles etc. I have occasionally tried moisturizers and serums–I never see a difference to be honest with you. Oh occasionally I get a breakout from some of them—-I probably should try again to find one that works with my skin.

  4. Well, I probably fall into the stubborn category and don’t do as much for my skin as I should. But, you have me thinking that this Vitamin C Serum is worth a try. Thank you for the thoughtful review; I think that hearing this feedback from a low-maintenance mom is more helpful for me than a beauty-care regimen aficionado. 🙂

  5. I have the type of skin oily in one area and dry in the next., do not use anything in particular cause I am sensitive to a lot of soaps and products. Vitamin C Serum I may try. Thanks for the great tip.

  6. I’m pretty low maintenance too. And stubborn. After doing practically nothing to my face for over 70 years, my skin is finally developing tiny lines. I’m not going to worry about it unduly, although the oil you mention sounds wonderful. Must have a look.

  7. OMG, adult acne is so much worse than my teen era acne. Sooooo stubborn. Thanks for the informative article.

  8. Vitamin C is such a powerful antioxidant and can be very effective in skincare. However, to protect the stability and effectiveness, it should be in an opaque bottle to protect it from sunlight.

  9. Human skin is the largest organ of the human body, but it has quite complex structure and performs main functions. Using the proper skin care product is first good step in providing the skin with the proper nutrients and building materials to retain its health and functionality. One can ​view this to find out more skin care products which will help to provide essential elements like vitamins and minerals which will make skin youthful and flawless.

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