Relax With Some Mud and a Movie

Have some mother/daughter bonding time by creating your own spa day. We relaxed with a mud mask. -


Working from home is a constant battle to balance work and personal responsibilities. Scott and I work very hard when the kids are at school, but we work equally as hard when they are home. After all, we have other normal responsibilities that are going to overlap time schedules somewhere. Either we do the grocery shopping during the school day, or we take the kids with us when we go after school or on weekends.

No matter how you look at it, for us to get all our work done we need to work a lot. Creating content with amazing pictures and a story that is enjoyable for our readers isn’t a fly-by-night operation. It’s a job requiring the same dedication that any other entrepreneur would have. To translate, just because it’s a weekend or the kids are home from school doesn’t mean we’re all hanging out playing games or watching movies. (Although, yes, we do that A LOT and often in the name of work.) Despite the fact that we do all that and are retired, I feel like they crave more attention than we currently give to them.

So whenever possible we use work to create quality time. Sometimes it involves cooking and other times games. This time it’s about pampering!

We planned a hotel spa treatment the night before the state robotics tournament. -

Miss M has been working very hard preparing for the FIRST Lego League state competition. We’ve all been so busy that we decided to take the kids out of school early last Friday so we could make our trip to the tournament at Iowa State University in Ames (Iowa) a little less stressful. The coach scheduled a practice for when everyone had settled into their hotel room. In addition, the teams needed to be at the tournament location before 7:45 Saturday morning. We wanted to spend some quality time together on the way as well as have a casual sit-down dinner before the Friday night dinner rush and all the craziness that would follow.

Have some mother/daughter bonding time by creating your own spa day. We relaxed with a mud mask. -

With Adovia Dead Sea Mud Mask in hand, I thought the hotel would make the perfect setting for some mother/daughter quality time. It also would provide a nice cool-down activity the night before what we knew would be a very long day. We termed it our own personal hotel spa treatment.

Include some comforting beverages during your mother/daughter spa treatment. -

The mask would need to dry for a while so we wanted to relax in style in our room. Before starting, we headed to the lobby to grab a cup of complimentary hot chocolate and some decaf coffee. I think if we had gone out for coffee with our masks on, other hotel patrons would have stopped us to ask where the spa was located. Not to mention the fact we would have scared the buh-jeebers out of whomever saw us.

Back in the room, I opened up the Adovia Mud Mask to check it out. It had a traditional mud-like color and appearance but the scent took me by surprise. I expected it to be musky smelling but it actually emulated the scent of a lotion. Considering it would be applied close to my nose, having something that didn’t smell bad was pretty important.

Before using a mud mask, remove makeup quickly and easily with a makeup remover wipe. -

The instructions said to apply to clean skin so I needed to start there. As luck would have it, the hotel had a makeup remover towelette among the other complimentary personal cleansing products. I removed all my makeup and was ready for my spa-day treatment.

Have some mother/daughter bonding time by creating your own spa day. We relaxed with a mud mask. -

We each took a small handful of Adovia Mud Mask and started applying it. Although the instructions didn’t indicate it, we noticed we needed to shake the tube before using it. The first time we started dispensing it, the product was very runny. Once we shook it, the consistency of the product was more typical of a mud mask. I felt that the texture was comparable to other masks with slight graininess. The best way to describe it would be finely ground sand. When applying, the texture felt pretty smooth. The only time I noticed the fine granules was when I rubbed a dab of the mask between my thumb and fingers.

Have some mother/daughter bonding time by creating your own spa day. We relaxed with a mud mask. -

It seemed like I used quite a bit to cover my face and even wiped some of it back off because it felt too thick. When I checked the tube afterwards, it was still extremely full. It wasn’t that I used too much, it just felt that way because it is a dense product. The girls each put a thinner layer on to get the effect without feeling overwhelmed. Miss M didn’t mind the mask and actually had fun applying it. Miss K said she didn’t like the way it felt as it tightened up.

A hotel room is the perfect place to apply a good mud mask then relax and watch a movie. -

As it continued to dry, I could see it accentuating every fine line, wrinkle and pore. I’m not sure if that was normal but it was even noticeable on Miss M’s youthful face. Removing it once it had completely dried was very easy, too. We used a warm wash cloth that we continually rinsed out. We each applied moisturizer as noted by the package instructions. My skin felt extremely soft when we were done and the following day I felt like my face looked fresher than normal.

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If you’re wondering how the team did at the state competition, they earned the highest score for robot performance and Miss M walked away with a special award given to one female participant that most exemplifies the characteristics of the FIRST program. A pretty awesome day if you ask  me.

What do you do to relax when things are hectic?

19 thoughts on “Relax With Some Mud and a Movie

  1. Now that looks like a fun (and relaxing) way to spend time with the girls! I’ve never tried a mud mask before. I have to check out the Andovia mud mask! Thanks for the great idea!

  2. Oh-I have used mud masks and various other kinds as well–you know the ones that look green? The green one scared my then boyfriend-by the time he saw me in a mud mask he just shook his head! He definitely appreciated the softness of my face after I finally got it off. I will have to try this brand–at least now the only one watching will be my cat!! Congrats to your girls for winning!!

  3. this looked like a lot of fun! My daughter would love a little day spa in the house and i’d give it a go! I am a household of 3 boys and the 1 girl and i’d have still roped the boys in for the fun, too 😉

  4. What a great idea for the mother/daughter time. I really love mud masks and I like to try out new ones as often as I can. Love the picture of you 3 in the bed.

  5. This would have been great fun, if I had a daughter – I remember my mom went to the gym and to lunch with me often right after I was married (just 20 years old at the time) and that is still great memories – I have also put the mud mask on my wish list and subscribed to Cleopatra!

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