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I can’t resist a bargain. Whether it’s an awesome board game picked up at the thrift store or an online discount shopping site, I love the thrill of the hunt – and the find! There have been times where I diligently collected, clipped and organized coupons and ended up with enough toothpaste, cleaners and deodorant to last a really long time.

The one thing I discovered, however, is that some things aren’t cheaper in the long run just because they are on sale. Often, a starter pack is deeply discounted or free via a sale coupled with coupons, but the refills never get discounted that much. Some examples of products that can cost you in the long run: air freshener kits like Renuizit and Glade and cleaning kits like Swiffer or Scrubbing Bubbles. The one we recently realized was a doozie – razors. Through coupons and promotions, we stocked up on several starter razor packages for hubby. We have a variety but he found he preferred some more than others. When he told me he needed to pick up replacement blades, I started searching for coupons. Know what I found? Nothing. No coupons for refills. We ended up paying a whopping $34 for replacement blades for the starter pack that was basically free. Ack. I guess I should have realized it sooner because the drugstores keep the refills in a locked cabinet but the starter packs on regular pegs or shelves.

Don't you hate when you need refills for your razor but the best "sale" isn't much of a deal? shares a solution.

About that same time, I saw a promotion for and was taken in by their marketing. It hit close to home since I just spent a ton on a small package of razor blade refills. I sent them an email with my story and they said that’s a common response that they receive. They offered to send me a package to try out. I figured it would be akin to purchasing an off-name brand and wasn’t sure how we would like them but it certainly didn’t hurt to try.

They were supposed to send razors for my husband to compare to the expensive ones we had purchased but they sent a package of women’s razors instead. They compare their 5-blade razor to a Venus, which coincidentally is what I have been using. Like for the men, brand-name refills are not cheap.

I have pretty sensitive skin and figured I would end up with razor burn from an “As Seen on TV” razor. If so, I would be no worse for wear and decided to give it a try. It’s more common for me to shave in the shower than in a bath so I’m often rushing instead of relaxing. Multiple blade, super-sharp razors scare me (because I’m lazy and rush through it) and I was pretty sure I was going to end up with nicks and cuts all over my legs. To my surprise, the blades gave a close shave without causing any burns or breakouts. The razor refills have a nice aloe strip and some people might forgo soap or shaving cream. I prefer shaving cream but for people looking for that aloe strip, these have it and it hasn’t gotten all gummed up like some do. The blades rinsed off extremely easily, too, which is a problem I notice with some razors. I don’t know if it has to do with blade spacing or what but it wasn’t a concern with the razors from

Wondering how much they cost? A wallet-friendly 12 cartridges for under $20, a definite savings over the pricetag on brand-name refills at the store. Think of it this way – you can buy ONE package for less than most refills. If you don’t like them, just take advantage of their Burn-Free guarantee – referring not just to your skin but also to your wallet!

I just keep circling back to the realization that sometimes a sale costs you more in the long run. For more information on products from, visit their website or follow them on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

37 thoughts on “When a Sale Costs You More

  1. AHHH!! No! I just spent $25 on a refill pack of razor blades 2 days ago!!!! I would totally take them back; except I already opened it and used one!
    That is it! I am definitely trying 800Razors! I can’t keep spending that much for razor blades! And the husband is about ready for more razors himself. Thank you for this! I have to try these!

  2. It’s funny how we take for granted little purchases despite their price. In the long run, all those figures add up! It’s good to know we have cheaper alternatives.

  3. 800 Razors is awesome! We switched to them last year, for both the men’s and the women’s razors, and haven’t looked back. They’re just as good as the popular name brands, and they’re a LOT cheaper. 😀

  4. Oh, I totally agree with you about the razors. I got the starter kits free, but the replacement costs–wow! I need to try 1-800- Razors.

  5. So true – often times I spend more hunting for an awesome deal than I should. Especially if it is something I didn’t need but got sucked into because of the price!

  6. I have never heard of this site before. I agree, though, if you are shopping sales simply to shop sales they definitely end up costing more.

  7. I have never heard of 1-800razors before. Razors are so expensive so I am happy to check them out to see if they have great deals on my regular brand.

  8. Wow, this IS a darn good deal! I love your reviews, they’re unbelievably helpful. My husband goes through razors like they are going out of style. I need to check this out and consider hopping on the wagon!

  9. I am going to have to check these out! I feel like we spend so much money on my daughter’s shaving supplies, it really couldn’t hurt to give them a try!

  10. Good to know!! My husband is real serious about his razors and I personally don’t use them very often anymore…I know hard to believe but it’s true!!

  11. Never heard of them.. what about the quality because my skin is sensitive and often get nicks at any moment.. I am a venus with olay type of goal. Do they have those with lotion?

    1. DaisyRay – I actually have very sensitive skin and break out really easily from shaving. These didn’t give me any issue at all. They have the aloe bar like Venus. has a guarantee so check that out – even consider contacting them for feedback before ordering. You may be surprised how well these work with sensitive skin!

  12. I’ve heard a lot of people who used sites like that and loved it. I just keep an eye open for when I can get a sale and use a coupon at the same time!

  13. This is the exact reason I always look at the regular price of replacement cartridges on any product before I buy the starter pack. I’ve never heard of 1-800razors before, but it definitely sounds like something worth looking into. My husband goes through razors fast.

  14. I’m a like to coupon, but not an extreme couponer. I too notice that my coupons are either for starter kit or disposable. Which made me switch to buying the disposable because I can get a better deal. Those replacement blades are expensive!!! I have not used, but I will be checking the site out.

  15. Really solid points. I was an avid couponer for a while, but the other thing about couponing that people don’t calculate as a “Cost” is time–it takes time to sort all those coupons. Thanks for sharing what a nice alternative!

  16. I guess the companies have to make money one way or another, and the refills are the way to go. I’ve found it happens with a lot of stuff. The coffee machines often use the pods as the way to make the money.

  17. Wow awesome deal for razors! They cost to much in stores! Awesome there’s some for men and women.

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