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It’s been less than a week since I returned from BlogHer and I have so much to do and say. Posts are coming, I promise, as soon as I crawl out from the avalanche of emails that were waiting for me when I returned. (And the avalanche of stuff I brought back with me!)

Historically, I haven’t been one for shopping. Aside from being cheap, I don’t enjoy it. Especially for clothes – mainly because I’ve hated the way everything makes me look. But with my new weight and excitement about it, I’m changing my tune.  I had the privilege of sitting in on a presentation with Celebrity Stylist Jeannie Mai, host of The Style Network’s two-time Emmy nominated television program “How Do I Look?”.  I sat with her for a few minutes and was coached about some things I should do for myself.  Among them, shopping for clothes that look good on me. Fit me. Flatter me. I walked away realizing that I need to learn to love shopping.

While I was at BlogHer, one of my roomies introduced me to Vente Privee. I hadn’t heard of it before but she connected me with a campaign from SheSpeaks to learn more about it. Vente Privee is a members-only shopping site but that doesn’t mean you have to pay a huge fee to be a member.  Actually, I just needed to click on the link my roommate provided and I was off and running.  Registered and ready to go.

I logged onto the site to discover that they have a ton of great items at super cheap prices.  But not just any ol’ stuff. While I was checking it out, their offers were for clothing and accessories from recognizable names like Calvin Klein. I’ve not been one to go all willy-nilly on the shopping front. As I said, it’s just not me. However being able to get classy styles without killing my wallet certainly doesn’t hurt.

Here’s how it works: Each day at 10:00 am Eastern, they launch new sales events.  The events last for 72 hours (or until the stock runs out, I think).  The whole thing reminds me of Woot but with pretty stuff.  hehe.  As I said, today they have mostly clothing and accessories.

Other days, they’ll have offers for children’s clothes, home decor or whatever.  It changes all the time. Every day at 10:00 to be exact.  When I went to log in today, I saw Villeroy and Boch advertised on the home page as a recent sale – that I obviously missed.  I LOVE their stuff, own some of it and will have to watch (and hope) that it pops up again!  Knowing that the site isn’t ONLY clothing and accessories makes it even more appealing.

As a bonus, if you’re an American Express cardholder, you’ll find additional perks on the site. I’m not a cardholder so I need to take it all at face value… which is still pretty good!

Personally, I haven’t purchased anything from the site yet but that’s mostly because I JUST found out about it while in New York and haven’t had time to check it out since returning home. When I find the time to surf, I’ll certainly be back to check out the sales. There’s even an app for it to make it easier!  Now, I need to figure out how to create notifications so I don’t miss Villeroy and Boch again!

I cannot wait to put the information I received from Jeannie Mai to work (at discount prices!!) and see what else I can find on Vente-Privee!

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