Are You Cooking to the Right Temp?


Sometimes things just fall into place. When trying out new products for I typically spend hours thinking about the product, how it fits into our lifestyle and how to best present it to our readers. For this little kitchen gadget from ThermoWorks this was not the case as I knew exactly what I’d be saying. In fact I had already said it!

A few Christmases ago my mother-in-law gave me a kitchen thermometer as a gift. I needed one, but didn’t realize she would spring for the “Rolls Royce” of home kitchen thermometers – the ThermoWorks ThermaPen. While other digital kitchen thermometers usually run under $25 this model clocked in at just under $100! Overkill I thought (or overpriced). Boy was I wrong. Splash-proof and instant temperature reads made it the absolute perfect cooking tool. In fact we have shown it already when testing out the T-fal OptiGrill!

ThermoWorks - ThermoPen

And again during our Wolfgang Puck Rotisserie Pressure Oven review.

Wolfgang Puck Oven Just About DoneThis past Christmas we even bought one for my mom and brother because we believe in the product so much. But not everyone can justify a $100 thermometer, so ThermoWorks created the next best thing – the ThermoPop pocket thermometer.

ThermoWorks - ThermoPop WearingJust as versatile in the kitchen, it features a rotating display (no head-tilting to read it!), a quick 5-6 second read time and is available in a myriad of colors to match almost any kitchen. You do sacrifice response time and a bit of accuracy (+/- 2 degrees for most items), but also save nearly 75%! For the vast majority of homes this is the right combination, although the ThermaPen is still #1 for aspiring home chefs in my opinion.

ThermoWorks - ThermoPop UsingAlso newly available is ThermoWorks’ TimeStick timer. Stick it to the fridge, place it on the counter or wear it around your neck and you’ll never over-bake those cookies again. I choose to wear it so I can hear the alarm no matter where I am in the house. It also make a great reminder for when you tell your kids “come back inside in 30 minutes or you’ll freeze your toes off!”

Take a moment to check out the entire product line from ThermoWorks on Amazon as well as their own website. You can also see what’s in the works by following them on Facebook or Twitter.

Now that you’ve found your perfect kitchen thermometer, what is the next kitchen gadget on your list?

58 thoughts on “Are You Cooking to the Right Temp?

  1. That looks like a really nice thermometer. I guess I really should check the inner temp instead of just checking for inner blood to make sure our meat is really done.

  2. Back in December the kitchen thermometer we had bought from King Arthur Flower many years ago finally gave up and we went shopping. I don’t know why we didn’t see ThermoWorks – we, instead, ran across several name brands whose owners tended to be disappointed. We ended up buying a Farberware and so far my husband (the family cook) is happy with it. I will keep ThermoWorks in mind, though (the cheaper mode) if something goes wrong with the one we bought.

  3. I thought I had a nice one but it’s nothing like this. Awesome! Now I also want the timer around my neck. I’m forever forgetting that I just heard the timer go off. lol

  4. We have a thermometer from Good Cook and it has really helped when we had those massive turkeys around the holidays. My kids would say I needed the pocket one since I misplace stuff a lot.

  5. Now this looks cool! I am in real need of one of these awesome things.. this one is the best I’ve seen! There are so many other kitchen gadgets on my list too. Today I saw this really cool tool to create awesome citrus fruit garnishes.. I need it!

  6. I don’t know how I’ve gone so long without a meat thermometer! We used to have one but my husband literally bought it, used it while grilling and left it outside and it got rained on and rusted!

  7. My husband grilled chicken on Sunday for dinner and told me that we needed a new thermometer that actually worked! haha. I will definitely be checking out this one since we need a new one!

  8. Oh how I wish I have one on my kitchen. I love to cook but I’m still learning. Our gas range doesn’t have a thermo reader on it, so this one will be a great help.

  9. Every time I make a chicken or turkey, I get sooo mad at myself for not getting a new meat thermometer. Mine never work. I know I should upgrade, I just didn’t know which to try. Now I do. Thanks for the review!!

  10. Now that’s cooking right!! You know, I haven’t used those tools at all. My husband is the cook and he usually cooks smaller peices of meat, but hey, our Thanksgiving turkey could use that tool!! I’ll have to think about that!!

  11. I have an instant-read thermometer that I use a lot, but I don’t really trust it completely. Thanks for your recommendation of ThermoWorks products. I’ll keep that in mind when I’m looking for a replacement.

  12. I love kitchen gadgets and this is one thing I do not own. I am going to have to purchase a food thermometer so I get the meat cooked to the right temperature.

  13. I BBQ a lot as well as cook pork and I need to have a thermometer for both. I have so many kitchen gadgets but this is the one I really need to break down and purchase.

  14. I did (or do) have one of these. I was using it for bread baking. Then I saw an article in Cooks Illustrated that was showing a cooking thermometer wasn’t a good gauge at whether bread is done or not. I would definitely use it for meat ,esp ground beef, to make sure it is cooked to a high enough temp, or make sure I don’t overcook anything.

  15. I don’t know why, but I’ve never used a meat thermometer. I don’t even own one. I just figured common sense was my guide. I do the fork, toothpick, and toothpick tests. Knock on wood – we haven’t gotten sick! I know some friends that like their meats bloody! Not me! YUK! But this thermometer would make a nice gift. Thank you for sharing!

  16. Thank you for the review, am in the market for a new thermo, will be checking out thier product line later today.

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