Brewing Chocolate Like Coffee? Yup!

This is chocolate like you've never had it. Brewed like coffee! -


No matter the time of year or the temperature outside, I’m perfectly happy with a cup of coffee or a mocha. After adding a bit of cream and sweetener, I’ll sometimes slurp it down in no time flat. Other times I savor a cup over the course of a few hours. One thing that is always consistent is that I drink alone because the kids are too young for coffee and hubby doesn’t like the taste.

I always offer to make coffee when people come over because it’s nice having someone to share conversation and a cup. Every once in a while, I’ll make hot tea or cocoa so someone will join me. It was with total delight that I discovered there is another option that puts my iCoffee maker to use without making coffee.

A month or so back, someone posted about Crio Bru on one of my Facebook boards and said they were looking for people to try out their product. Let me think. Do I want to try out a product that brews chocolaty goodness in my coffee pot? Well, duh.

The product looks just like coffee and is prepared like coffee but is actually ground cocoa beans. Let me show you how simple it is.

Pour the water into your coffee pot like you normally do.

Just like making coffee... but it's CHOCOLATE! -

Scoop out the designated amount of grounds based on how many cups of water you added. See how it looks like cocoa? Bet you wish you could smell it through your computer.

Add Crio Bru Cocoa Beans to your coffee pot for a new type of hot chocolate! -

Then start your coffee pot like you normally do. What you end up with is a pot of antioxidant-filled goodness rich in health benefits but low in calories and carbs containing no sugar, sodium or gluten.

Move over coffee. Crio Bru is taking over the coffee pot for hot chocolate! -

With that said, let me tell you what it tastes like. You know the cocoa you have in your cabinet for baking? Think about if you added it to a cup and mixed it with water. It is a strong cocoa flavor. If I was one of those people who drinks my coffee black and enjoys dry red wines, I probably would have loved it right like that.

But I’m not. It’s no secret that I have a horrible sweet tooth. I add creamer and sweetener to my coffee, drink only sweetened tea and my favorite wine is a Late-Harvest Moscato. It was missing the sweetness that I seek from a cocoa product. So what did I do? I added a little milk and sugar and it was positively divine.

Okay, so maybe that makes it not as healthy as drinking it black (or would that be referred to as drinking it brown?) – drinking it straight – but the difference is that I had someone I was able to enjoy it with. That, in and of itself, is a total bonus.

The only thing I haven’t tried is to mix it with half & half, sweetener and ice to create a frappe drink. Or even mix it with ice cream to make a shake! At some point, I’ll try to incorporate the previously brewed grounds into one of these delicious looking recipes.

Oooh… that reminds me… have you ever heard of people using their coffee grounds in composting bins or gardens? Well Crio Bru grounds are eco-friendly also. Not only can you add it to gardens (as long as you don’t have pets in the yard) but you can also use them as an exfoliating scrub or make a full body scrub by combining them with sea salt and olive oil.

Who knew that a coffee pot could create so much more than just coffee? Are you ready to brew up some cocoa?

You can purchase Crio Bru online or at select stores. For more information on Crio Bru, visit their website or connect with them on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube.

59 thoughts on “Brewing Chocolate Like Coffee? Yup!

  1. Wow this sounds great. I have never even thought about brewing Chocolate this sounds great something I really need to try. My daughter Loves hot Chocolate she is always making a cup even when its 100 outside. This will be a huge help with that thank you.

  2. Wow, you just totally blew my mind! I have never really thought about making hot chocolate any way besides from a Swiss Miss packet! LOL

  3. Shoot! If we had a coffee pot I would totally use Crio Bru! We don’t drink coffee at all. But I love how natural this would make the cocoa! My husband doesn’t like sweet drinks so he would be super happy. I like sweet; so I would definitely be adding in that sweetener and half and half! But I think this is so awesome!

  4. Very interesting, although i’ve never tried brewing chocolate with your article i’m sure i’ll do it just the way you have it done.

  5. I love Coffeemate flavoring mixed into my hot chocolate. I think brewing cocoa beans is probably way healthier than the Swiss Miss stuff I use all the time. I would be adding a ton of sugar to this like the lady above me said she’d be doing!

  6. What? This sounds insanely delicious. I have been obsessed with hot chocolate all winter, but this sounds even better. My sister has the iCoffee machine and I just might have to “borrow” it for a while. 😉 Love the idea of adding ice cream, too. YUM.

  7. Oh my goodness! This reminds me of the type of hot chocolate that we have back in the Philippines. We call it Tableya, which is made out of ground cacao seeds, then shape it into circles or an oval. When we are ready to drink it, just toss the circles of ground cacao seeds in the hot water and stir to dissolve. Hmmmm. it is so good and so rich! It reminds me of that. This looks and sounds so good in the morning.

  8. Wow, I am fascinated by this! Definitely will have to give it a try, and I just told my in-laws that we’re visiting and they’re super interested too. What a cool concept.

  9. I read about Crio Bru before….and fell in love. I went to the website to order a few different selections, or maybe it was a sampler pack (don’t remember). Anyways, I went to the checkout, and BAM! That’s when they lost me. I remember the shipping cost being kinda on the outrageous side. My frugal self wouldn’t let me go through with it, so I didn’t purchase (at that time).

    Anyways…I’m going to eventually use GCs + Amazon Prime free shipping to get a whole bunch of the Crio Bru cocoas.

    I cannot wait!

  10. This sounds like an great way to prepare a fast cocoa when you have company! I’m surprised that it yielded a cocoa drink…although it shouldn’t I guess it’s kinda like tea:)

  11. Wait. I’ve actually thought of this and I had no clue that it would work. I am actually walking over to the kitchn now to try. This seems like an amazing idea.

  12. Well, absolutely anything with cocoa in it will always taste good to me! Looks like a much better alternative to the ‘regular’ syrupy stuff you get 🙂

  13. I don’t drink coffee at all, but I am an avid hot chocolate lover. I actually helped my grandma prepare chocolate from her “chocolate tree” once (that’s what I called it at that age lol). I have hot chocolate at least 3 nights a week. With almond milk. And I love it. Yum. Yum. Salivate.

  14. Awesome idea! I love to drink coffee and I also love chocolate too. I have never thought about doing this with chocolate and I can just imagine the boost of chocolate flavoring that it would give.
    Thank you for sharing 🙂

  15. Woa! This sounds amazing! I am definitely one of those people who likes black coffee and red wine. I love strong dark chocolate and I’m certain this drink will be a new favorite. Thanks so much for the share 🙂

  16. I sure miss Sekwate from the Philippines now just by looking at this. I went to their website and read more about Crio Bru and now I am more convinced that it is made like we Filipinos make them in the Philippines as tableya, except this one is in powder form and not formed into circles or ovals. I am sure it is yummy!

  17. My MIL has a “pod” style coffee maker and can make chocolate with that which I thought was so cool but I had no idea that traditional coffee pots could be used to make chocolate too! How neat.

  18. I could have written this post! My kids are also too young, my husband hates the taste, so the coffee is all mine! I don’t have to share! Seems like a splendid brand I’ll have to look for the next time I go shopping! I too sip for a few hours, although I like my coffee iced most of the time.

  19. Sounds like a really good cup of chocolate!! It’s nice to have a hot cup on a cold wintry day…or maybe even on a hot summer day…what ever we are in the mood for. We love Chocolate!!

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