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A couple years back I got coal in my stocking. Yes, I said coal. From my mother-in-law. I’ll let that digest for a minute… Those of you that know me know there is no way I could have done ANYTHING at all to deserve that kind of treatment. 365 days a year I’m a textbook angel. (and a great fibber)  I still have that lump of coal stashed away though, she’ll get it back someday one way or another!

You know what I really wanted in my stocking?  Chocolate snacks or video games!  Who doesn’t?! It should be so easy – they even make this new pre-bagged candy-coated version that doesn’t melt in your hand (or stocking)!  What is this marvelous invention called?  Duh.  M&M’s

Forza M&M's in Walmart #FueledByMM #shop #cbiasAs I’ve hinted here, the xBox One is on my Christmas wish list AND the family all knows we love the Forza line of games.  This should be a no-brainer, right?  Like the old saying, if you want something done right, just do it yourself.

First I have to figure out how to get myself the xBox One.  That’s where this great Pixel Art Contest comes into play (pun intended).  All you have to do is use M&M’s to create your own ‘pixel art’ of something video game related and you have a random chance of winning an xBox One of your own along with some more M&M’s!

#FueledByMM #cbias #shopIn case you haven’t seen them before, you can see how I created a number of entries by scratch (no cheating with online beading patterns!).

You can also see what other people are making with their M&M’s.  To be honest I had so much fun with them, I even created a stop-motion video of one of the company logos!

Next is to pick up a copy of the new Forza 5 since I’m positive I have the contest all wrapped up. Nothing wrong with this plan, eh?  Even better, right now you can get a $10 eGift card via text when you buy Forza 5 and $8 worth of M&M products.

Buy Snap Redeem #FueledByMM #shop #cbiasEasy as pie.  I purchase both items, snap a photo of them with the receipt and text it to 811811 and sit back and wait for the money to roll in.

Forza M&M's Receipt Scan for MMS #FueledByMM #shop #cbiasSo ‘mom’, get with the program.  No more coal please.  I took care of Forza 5, pick me up an xBox One just in case someone else gets luckier than I in the contest.  And some M&M’s while you’re at it.

7 thoughts on “M&M’s or Coal in Your Stocking

  1. M&M’s and gaming not much better than that my family would say! I like the creativity of some of the pictures you have shown. Sounds like fun!!

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