Quick Look: Dr. Scholl’s Active Series Insoles


I think I’ve mentioned before that recently I’ve taken up running.  Well, more like jogging, but I am able to get 10+ miles in per week and at a reasonable sub-10-minute pace.  I won’t even admit where I started last winter, but let’s just say it was MUCH shorter and slower than that.

I recently started using some new shoes that are very close to barefoot running, having only a 4mm toe-to-heel rise (typical shoes are more like 10-12mm).  I have noticed less pain and discomfort using these true running shoes, but do feel a little flat-footed, especially when starting out on a run.

Thanks to Influenster, I was given the opportunity to try a set of Dr. Scholl’s new Active Series replacement insoles.  Because these new shoes only have about 200 miles on them (out of an expected life of 400-500 miles), rather than pull out the old insoles, I elected to use them on top of the old ones.  And while I didn’t use them as instructed, I must say I am more than pleased with the difference they provided.

My very first run my foot strike felt much softer.  It did affect the rise a bit and that will take some getting used to, but the comfort at the beginning of the run was enough to convince me that it was a good decision to utilize them long-term.

The only complaint I have to date is the fit in the heel.  While it is easy to adjust the sizing of the toe box by cutting away at the insole, the heel is not as easy to modify.  I wear a size 10, right at the upper limit of my sample, but my running shoes are narrow in the heel and the insoles did crowd it a bit.  Not enough to cause blisters or pain, but just enough to make it feel like the shoes weren’t on correctly (if that makes sense).  Of course, this may have been affected in part due to my installation over the old insole.

Either way, definitely a ‘step up’ (pun intended) over the factory insoles and those god-awful generic foam insoles you’ll find at the local discount store!

3 thoughts on “Quick Look: Dr. Scholl’s Active Series Insoles

  1. Wonderful review and one that I’m so happy that I found. I have been wondering just how “GOOD” insoles were and now I have a true and accurate review. Thank you. I use to run and LOVED it but this thing called “OLD AGE” kinda snuck up on me and well….let’s say I still enjoy a good walkabout. ^_^ I’m going to try a pair of the Dr Scholls because even us walkers want a comfy hike.

    Happy SITS Comment Love Wednesday!!

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