Everyone has a different idea of what pampering is all about. I have a lot of friends who count the days to girls’ night out – whether it be a weekend away, a night for dinner and drinks or something simple like Bunco. Then there are those who love a good spa day or even just a mani/pedi. Some people are happy with the help of a maid service.

Me… None of the above.

I didn’t really realize it until a recent trip to have my hair done. I’ve always done it myself to save money but I realized I was paying the price in what it was doing to my hair. DH got me a gift certificate to a local salon for Christmas so I could get my hair done professionally. As I sat in the chair, the stylist asked me whether I found all of it relaxing. When I was slow to respond, she amended her question, asking if it made me anxious because I needed to be doing something.

Yeah. That last one. I felt like I needed to be making better use of my time. Anywhere, doing anything else.

To me, pampering and relaxing usually involve exercising or some activity with the whole family. Partially because I’m cost conscious but also because I enjoy spending time with my husband and kids. I’m perfectly happy going on a family bike ride then enjoying some ice cream together. That’s just who I am.

It’s simple. I know.

It isn’t a girls’ night out. I know.

But it makes me happy and that’s what is important.

Sometimes we venture out to the local ice cream shop for specialty shakes. Other times, a movie, including popcorn, of course! We even try out different FroYo places nearby because variety in life is what keeps things interesting.

And then there are the times that I just like to cuddle up on the couch and watch something together on TV. Thank goodness for homemade popcorn and sweet treats stashed away in the freezer.

As I’ve mentioned over the past few years, we’ve changed our eating habits and now pay more attention to what we’re consuming. We eat more fish, vegetables and fresh fruits. In general, we focus on healthier portions than we used to of all foods and frequent the farmer’s market when available. Yes, we still go out to eat but in moderation. The same goes for treats. We don’t want to deprive ourselves of foods we enjoy; anything in moderation is okay. When we do indulge, we pay attention to what we’re consuming, how many calories and whether or not we need to make adjustments at other meals to compensate for it.

There are other ways I’ve adjusted. When I make coffee, I use sugar substitutes so I don’t shy away from them in other products. Blue Bunny Sweet Freedom products have no sugar added, using Splenda instead. I found the flavors to still be rich and delicious with no aftertaste. In the interest of research, I opened and tested them all out. Both the Rocky Road and the Banana Split had no shortage of add-ins. I’m anxious to try out the Mint Chocolate Chip… that’s one of my favorite flavors and finding it in a lower calorie option is heavenly.

For me, there’s no need for an expensive trip out to the spa or a getaway with the girls.

This is my kind of pampering.

This is me… headed to hang out with the family.

(And yes, I shared it with them too.)

What is your definition of pampering and relaxing?

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5 thoughts on “How do YOU Define Pampering?

  1. I am right there with you. I’d rather sit on my couch with my husband munching on popcorn and watching a new horror movie to relax then go get pampered by having my nails or hair done. To me spending time with my family is so much more relaxing. Although there are days were a getaway is needed and then it’s off to the library or around the neighborhood for a walk.

    That ice cream looks delicious.

  2. My idea of relaxing and pampering is time out with my boys and my husband.. a walk with my whole family…sitting on the porch as we all have an evening snack. I always feel awkward and less relaxed going to get my hair done, lol.. they try being conversational when I’d rather just sit there in silence as they fix my hair. Time with my family is MUCH more enjoyed 🙂

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