Deciding Where to Stay at Disney World

Deciding Where to Stay at Disney World

You don’t have to be a kid to want to spend time at Disney. Although having kids certainly makes the experience a bit different. For the past three years, we’ve been blessed with the opportunity to attend Walt Disney World as part of the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. We’ve always extended our stay beyond the days of the conference because, well, it’s Disney. Any excuse to stay longer warrants use of said excuse.

There are a variety of places to stay at Disney in different price levels and with different themes. -

A lot of people ponder the idea of staying at a Disney Resort (AKA “On Property”) versus at a location offsite. We’ve researched offsite properties but ultimately recognize that the benefits of being on property greatly outweigh any savings that we might find staying elsewhere. The biggest advantage is transportation. Not only do you receive complimentary shuttle service to/from Orlando Airport  via the Magical Express (no matter what time your flight arrives or departs) but there is transportation to get you to/from the other Disney locations, too. The most obvious is the monorail but there are also buses available that coincide with park hours and complimentary taxi services to get you to the less common locations like Disney Golf Courses.

The past two years, we stayed at deluxe properties and value properties. This year, we decided that since our stay was a full 11 sleeps in Disney dreamland, staying in a variety of properties was our goal. Specifically, at least three nights in each level of property (excluding Deluxe Villas, Campgrounds and Vacation Club properties) to really get a feel for the pros and cons of each type. When experiencing all within in the same trip, it’s easier to see the differences! Disney makes moving between properties extremely easy; check out of your room and leave your luggage with the cast members at the bell desk. Let them know your destination room, they’ll advise you what time your bags should arrive at your new hotel then head off as you normally would for the day. When you are ready to return to your hotel, just head to your new resort instead. Your bags should be waiting for you when you arrive. Easy peasy.

One thing that is common to all properties is that towels and wash cloths aren’t just towels and wash cloths. Every visit we’ve ever had to a Disney resort of any level has included some kind of special welcome. Believe it or not, I look forward to seeing what the room cast members set up to greet us with!

Here are some specific details about the properties we stayed at during this trip:

Contemporary Resort is one of a variety of places to stay at Disney in different price levels and with different themes. -

Contemporary Resort

The Contemporary Resort is a deluxe property and sits on the monorail making access to Magic Kingdom and Epcot a piece of cake but also includes buses to other properties. The rooms are luxurious from the decor down to the toiletries.  It also features sit down restaurants and a fun pool with a water slide. In the past, we’ve stayed at the Grand Floridian as well as the Yacht Club with similar characteristics.

Disney's Yacht Club is a deluxe resort with arguably the BEST pool of all the resorts. -

Yacht Club

The main pool at Yacht Club is one of our favorite pools of all the Disney resorts and has awesome access to both Hollywood Studios and Epcot.  In general, the deluxe properties tend to be more formal in design, decor and landscape while still maintaining the theme of the specific property. They also are home to some of the nicest sit-down restaurants.

Caribbean Beach Resort is relaxing and tranquil with jogging paths and a cool pool! -  Caribbean Beach Resort is relaxing and tranquil with jogging paths and a cool pool! -

Caribbean Beach Resort

Caribbean Beach Resort is a moderate level resort that offers multiple pools, both a sit down restaurant and food court and bus stops throughout the property to reduce walking time. This was our first experience staying at a mid-level resort. The property surrounds a lovely lake with a scenic walking path. It’s an extremely large property so there are multiple smaller pools throughout and beaches along the way also. As with all the properties we have stayed at, there are special activities scheduled daily. Our girls thoroughly enjoyed the after-dinner marshmallow roast on the beach.

The rooms are spacious, include a coffee pot and refrigerator and a large vanity area. We didn’t have a need for the laundry facility since we had already done all our laundry at the prior property but it was close by if we needed it. The closest bus stop was also just a short walk from our room. From what I have researched, the moderate level properties tend to be a good cross between the Deluxe and Value properties with the main distinguishing factor being the divided bus stops to ensure that everyone has a reasonably short walk.

Pop Century and Art of Animation are value properties filled with festive decorations, multiple themed pools and activities to excite the entire family. Each features a large food court with a variety of food types and one primary bus station for each property. The dedicated bus services offers easy access straight to most parks and attractions as well as Downtown Disney. There’s only one bus stop at each value property but the walk to get you there is filled with character.

Art of Animation offers family suites with buildings, rooms and grounds designed after various animated movies. -

Art of Animation

Art of Animation provides the option of both standard rooms as well as family suites. While the value properties don’t offer the same “feel” as a deluxe property, they certainly offer something that those properties don’t: a family-friendly, fun and festive decor.

Art of Animation offers family suites with buildings, rooms and grounds designed after various animated movies. -

Don’t get me wrong, the deluxe properties are beautiful but the value properties have themed-pools and decorations throughout that even the youngest child would recognize and appreciate. The small details, like the light disguised as a pearl on the headboard in the Little Mermaid rooms, that make it extra special. If you happen to stay at Art of Animation, be sure to hit the main pool. We got a kick out of the fact that different music was playing underwater than was playing above water. Although I wasn’t able to find it on the official WDW website, after swimming in it, I’m pretty sure it’s a salt water pool.

Stroll through the decades at Pop Century Resort with decorations like Rubik's Cube stairwells and computer inspired swimming pools. -

Pop Century

Oh yeah… and a resort that offers a pool shaped like a keyboard near a staircase shaped like a Rubik’s Cube and hula hoop in the lobby is a winner in my book any day.

Stroll through the decades at Pop Century Resort with decorations like Rubik's Cube stairwells and computer inspired swimming pools. -

There are a number of each range of properties tailoring to specific themes and offering different amenities. To find what property is best for your trip, check out all the Disney Resort choices before committing!

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  1. TT says:

    Wow, what a lot of great information, I could hear all the excitement, I look forward to our family seeing it to!

    1. Lisa Urwick says:

      Doesn’t Pop Century look like so much fun?!

  2. Thanks for all the info! The rooms look so fun.

  3. Stephanie says:

    We'll look into Art of Animation for our next visit! Our girls (ages 6, 4, and 1) would definitely get a kick out of the Little Mermaid decor. How much do those rooms run per night?

  4. Lots of great info and will definitely help us make a decision about where we stay! Thanks.

    1. Nicole says:

      There are so many choices, Kathryn. Hopefully you’ll find one that is perfect for you!

  5. I am firmly in the “must stay on property” camp – there are just so many “extras” that make it worth it. The very first time my parents took me to Disney, we split our time between the Contemporary and the Polynisian. Since then I’ve stayed at all the All-Stars, Caribbean Beach Resort, and Port Orleans. Next on my list are the Grand Floridian, Pop Century, and the Animal Kingdom Lodge!

  6. Deciding where to stay is a tough (but very important decision!) when planning a trip to Disney! Great tips on where to stay! We are definitely needing the most kid friendly location!

  7. Anne says:

    There are so man choices, but staying at a Disney property is so convenient. We stayed at Port Orleans Riverside last time, and had a great time.

  8. Jennifer Williams says:

    There are so many Disney resorts and they are all great for different reasons. We alway stay at the All Star Sports Resort though. It is a value resort, but with my boys it keeps them entertained the best when mom and dad need a break from walking for a bit.

  9. This is a choice that I really wish we had to make soon! Man, I would love to visit Disney resorts and stay at amazing properties like these!

  10. Coralie says:

    We are planning a trip there in a couple of years! This is great information. Thank you for sharing. I am so excited. 😀

  11. Mary says:

    I am with you! We own Disney Vacation Club so regularly stay deluxe but there is something about the Value Resorts that keep up making excuses to stay there. We LOVE All Star Sports and like to stay in the football building so the boys can go out and play after a long day in the parks.

  12. There are just a few resorts left on my list that I haven’t stayed at. Art of Animation, Wilderness Lodge, Boardwalk and Ft Wilderness are all we have left. There are many I would stay in again and a few I hope to never stay at again (and one of those is a deluxe!)

  13. I’ve stayed at a number of the resorts there in the past, from the campground to the Grand Floridian. While it is a bit more expensive then off-property accommodations, staying on property is very convenient if you’re going into the parks.

  14. Lee says:

    Seeing as how I live at Disney World and have my entire life I am pretty good at this game as well. My favorite hotel is by far the Yacht and Beach club because they have the best pool.
    For kids I would agree the AoA and the other Value resorts are nice. AoA is especially good because of the rooms. But my second runner up is ALWAYS Fort Wilderness Lodge. I’ve stayed there no less than 4 times and can’t get enough.

    Great post guys!

  15. I have stayed at some of the resorts, it’s actually really nice and very fun!

  16. Rachel says:

    We’ve stayed off-site before, but the next trip I plan will be in a Disney hotel. There are so many benefits that outweigh the little bit of savings.

  17. sarah hirsch says:

    We always like to stay at the moderate resorts, the deluxe ones are so expensive!

  18. Rebecca says:

    We’ve stayed at all the Value Resorts at WDW, and I would definitely recommend to stay at Pop Century. I know it’s usually a little more expensive to stay there than at the other Value Resorts, but I think it’s worth it. The number 1 thing that we liked the most was that you don’t have to wait for the buses to pick up other guests at other value resorts first (the other All Stars share buses) so it saves you time. Also we have just had better service and quality there overall.

  19. Katie Mitchell says:

    We always stay offsite, mostly because we get spectacular car rental deals and like to explore Orlando and beyond (we often head down to Tampa Bay for a hockey game). In addition we typically travel as a large group, so renting a villa or house makes best sense for us. All of that being said, we hope to try a resort the next time we head down. We’d love to try Art of Animation, I know my daughter would LOVE it.

  20. Julie Caris says:

    We have yet to visit Walt Disney World, but you give such a good review of each property. There are so many different options. It helps to have a first hand account of the amenities and decor. Thank you!

  21. Valerie says:

    We try to stay somewhere different each year, although we have our favorites and many repeat visits. We’ve worked our way through all the Values, all the Moderates, but only one of the Deluxe (Grand Floridian). Hope to hit them all one day!

  22. Sia says:

    I love that map at the top of the post – so helpful for me to see the bigger picture in where they sit in relationship to everything else!

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    It would be a dream to stay at the Polynesian Resort!!!

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    Great tips! We are staying at Caribbean Beach Resort in April, I picked it because I think we will be spending a lot of time at the resort since we have a young daughter and a lot of reviews said it had the best pool out of the contemporary resorts!

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    Great information! We stayed at Art of Animation in a Nemo suite (my personal favorite movie!) and it was excellent! We are only a family of four, but the extra space the suite provided for us was necessary since it was our home for the week. The pool was so much fun (I didn’t go underwater since it was December and 55 degrees out, but my kids enjoyed swimming in it!) and I loved that they had laundry facilities for us!! I really want to stay at the Polynesian the next time we go!

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    Would be over the moon to win one of the trips for my little family <3

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    Great Tips! The one and only time my family went we stayed off property in a rental house. I would LOVE to stay somewhere like the Art of Animation. I would love to take my kids to Disney World again. My daughter has EXTREMELY bad anxiety and a few years ago we had taken her to Disney World but she was so upset by everything the whole time she didn’t get to experience anything and we spent most of our time hiding away while she cried. Would love to take her back now that she has been in therapy and has learned the tools to overcome these panic attacks (she’s been other places she has put her practices in use) her goal is to one day go back there and overcome fears she has had.

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  64. Winona Ormbrek says:

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  97. Tricia says:

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    We’ve gone five times and only ever stayed at Port Orleans French Quarter. We’ve visited most of the other resorts but always come away feeling like they just don’t appeal to us like the French Quarter does. I’m glad that there are so many options available to choose from, everyone should be able to find their perfect “fit” when comes down to where to park your family for a week.

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    The Mermaid rooms at AoA are great, but really hard to book last minute. I tried and tried! Renting DVC is good too, if you want to experience at monorail hotel at a reasonable price.

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