Perfect Size for Kids or for Dieting!


Snacking is a tough thing for me.  It’s a weakness.I snack when I’m stressed.
I snack when I’m bored.
I snack when I’m sad.
I snack when I’m hungry.
I snack… Therefore I am… Not thin.

Both my parents, as well as my mother-in-law have been doing Weight Watchers.  It’s been pretty interesting to see how much or little of something you really should be eating.  As a result, we’ve changed portion sizes, rethought our purchases of junk food and stopped buying pop.   I’ve added more vegetables to the diet, sometimes having two vegetables with one meal… something I never would have even thought about before.  But despite my best intentions, snacking is still what gets me.

Trying to find healthy snacks is always important to me because depending on my mood, I want something sweet or something salty. Most of the time, I don’t really know what I want so I just eat a little of this and a little of that.  I realize that there are a lot of options out there – fruit, vegetables, crackers, even different drinks.  My biggest weakness is cheese.  High quality sharp cheddar, preferably.

Then I was offered the opportunity to try Breyer’s new 100 calorie YoCrunch yogurtYoCrunch is no stranger to our house.  It’s one of the yogurts that I buy just for the kids.  You know, yogurt with some kind of mix-in… My girls love the M&M one.  For me, I like simple, sweet yogurt mostly (although a recent chance to try Greek yogurt did open my eyes to a not-so-sweet yet still satisfying alternative.). Anyway… Back to the 100 calorie yogurt.  The packages I received were sweetened with Truvia while the website says “…used nonfat yogurt and a blend of sugar and Erythritol, a natural sweetener, to create this 100 calorie treat.”  Either way, it’s a smaller package than normal yogurt.

When I received it, I gladly savored the 100 calorie treat.  It is the perfect size for a nice snack or a light breakfast with coffee.  It’s creamy but the mix-ins give it texture.  I enjoyed it a lot.

But I found an even better use for it… With a hectic schedule filled with dinnertime sporting practices and afternoon play dates, finding a happy medium of a snack is always difficult.  I want something to recharge everyone but not fill them up.  It is the perfect size for young kids battling such a schedule.  It also works as a breakfast or even an after school snack that doesn’t leave concerns about ruining dinner.

If your family likes to snack on yogurt, this is a great option to add variety.  We all loved the taste but I liked the size!  Pick up a 4-pack at your local store!

2 thoughts on “Perfect Size for Kids or for Dieting!

  1. I have been looking for products that include stevia based sweeteners. I have stopped using artificial sweeteners and adding sugar (except for the occaisional mojito-lol). I am definitely trying to avoid products with corn syrup added.
    This looks like a product I would try.

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